Tuesday, August 9, 2022

5 Smart Gadgets Students Should Have


College years are exciting, but they are also very stressful. You’ll need to do a lot of coursework assignments, take an active part in social life, and juggle numerous responsibilities as an adult. Managing time effectively in college is not easy, so many students even have to buy an essay or research paper when they feel too tired to do their challenging homework. For example, they can order their papers at FastEssay writing service and have some time to relax.

Still, it’s tricky to find some spare time in college, so here we have gathered a shortlist of the best gadgets to have on hand. The right tech products can make your academic life a little easier and help you make the most of your college experience.

Amazon Fire 7

It’s a tablet developed by Amazon, which has announced they have updated it with a faster quad-core processor. Now, it has 16GB storage by default and can work with 512 GB microCD card. The price remains reasonable $49,99. This affordable gadget offers great value for money. It is equipped with front and rear-facing cameras so you can use it for video chatting. You can use it to run Netflix, HBO Now, Spotify, and different educational apps that will help you stay organized and improve your skills. Moreover, you can use it for reading books and playing games as well.

Bluetooth Coffee Maker

When you are pulling an all-nighter, it’s crucial to have the energy to get through it. A Bluetooth coffee maker will help you work productively during all-nighters because you can start making coffee from anywhere. You just have to download a WeMo app to your smartphone, and you will be able to control your coffee maker from your couch, cozy bed, or on the way home from the library. We all need caffeine to stay awake when working at night or early in the morning, and this useful app can brew a full pot of coffee in just about 8 minutes.

External Hard Drive

When you are working on long coursework projects, for example, a research paper or dissertation, you should always back up your files because laptops and computers may fail (or be stolen) and you may lose many hours or even days of work. A good external hard drive or SSD with enough capacity is just what you need to back up your documents and other important files and photos. Keeping regular data backups should become a part of your daily routine that will help you avoid panic when something goes wrong with your laptop, or you accidentally delete an important project. Luckily, there are plenty of affordable options available that you can choose from. You can also use your portable drive for storing precious family photos and videos if the files are too big to store them in the cloud.

Noise-Canceling Headphones

No one can work productively in a noisy environment. You are unlikely to stay focused on the content of your challenging essay that is due in a couple of days if you hear the noise of the flat party upstairs. It’s hard to find a quiet spot in the campus or a rented apartment with roommates, but a pair of affordable noise-canceling headphones will help you avoid distractions, focus on your study, increase productivity, and make fewer mistakes in your papers and tests.

Charging Backpack

This backpack comes with a charging cable and a built-in USB port. If you need to charge your smartphone on the go, you just have to connect one end of the cable to your device and the other end to the laptop or power bank, which you carry inside.

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