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Win at Life With Skills You Can Develop from Playing Video Games


We have all played a game on our computers, phones, and tablets at some point in our lives. Gaming is a staple in hobbies and recreation and is an activity that is good for you. 

Studies have relayed the benefits of playing Call of Duty, Super Mario, and StarCraft, among other titles, to a person’s mental sharpness and happiness. Moderation is the key.  

Immersing in a fantastic realm has applications in the real world too. Here are the foremost skills or virtues that video games can impart to you and improve your day-to-day life. 


When it’s game over, you start over too. Games tell you to try and try until you grow stronger, transform yourself into a formidable player and, in the case of simple games, extend the limited life you have. The only way to reach a higher score, join the echelons of the elite gamers, and crack the code is to practice and play regularly. 

Repetition is a fact of life, so you see the same chores, tasks, or assignments. Giving up is not an option in gaming or in real life, where you have to endure and go through each job to produce better outcomes or master what you do. 

Problem-Solving and Creativity

There are many PC games designed to simulate the experience of staying alive against the odds. Feel free to check out Outward, Raft, and Don’t Starve, which are included on PC Gamer’s current list of top survival games. 

Amid zombies, natural disasters, and limited resources, how do you gather food, build shelter, or stay afloat? Your survival chances depend on how you react to the situation and come up with solutions to problems at hand. This predicament is, undoubtedly, not a walk in the park, but you have to carry on and survive just like in real life. 

Planning and Decision-Making

Strategy is a separate genre of video games. Unlike the survival type, in which you fend for yourself, strategy gaming is geared toward meeting a goal, whether it is an overarching one or minor quests to the ultimate end, on the personal and group level. Under League of Legends, Dota 2, and other cornerstones of e-sports, players must plan to outwit and beat the other team. 

Planning plays a huge role in this type of game, with winning playing second fiddle sometimes. Skills from playing strategy video games are handy in setting and identifying goals and taking logical steps to meet them. They can also help in making decisions that need quick thinking or a calculated move. 

Fine Motor Skills 

Gaming looks like a sit-down affair for hours, but your hands are work. The smaller movements involving wrists, fingers, thumbs, and arms are called fine motor skills, and these are needed to accomplish everyday tasks, like buttoning one’s shirt. These motor skills can be developed at the early stages of human life, but they can also worsen with age.

A study reveals that gamers (they played Counter-Strike) fared better in basic motor skills, defined in the study as precision, speed, dexterity, aiming, or tremor, than those who never played such games. Playing games, the researchers conclude, may be a tool in increasing movement coordination and fine motor skills. 


Playing video games has shown to improve vision, attention, and other cognitive skills, as NPR reports. It’s because gamers use the frontal cortex, which is the area of the brain responsible for memory, problem-solving, and planning. The anterior prefrontal cortex, in particular, is believed to allow humans to multitask. Expert gamers thus rely on these cognitive centers for eye-hand coordination and related skills.  

Doing side tasks while keeping an eye on the main one is the norm in this fast-paced world. While reading this article, you may be responding to an email and chatting with a coworker. Ultimately, you would have returned to your main preoccupation and finished it.   

Social Skills

Not all gamers are stay-at-home folks who have no life outside their computers, although some of them have made gaming their full-time profession. Tournaments, video-game live streams, and gaming conventions are some of the best places to meet and connect with the community. Pokémon Go unites people looking to catch them all. Some couples have also met because of their love for video games.

This point leads to another social aspect of gaming, and that is communication. Virtual-world games like Minecraft allow you to interact with fellow players. In-game chat will introduce you to all sorts of characters. That gives you a head start in dealing with personalities at work or at school.

A Powerful Tool for Gaming

Gaming can relieve stress. It provides an escape from the problems and complications that mark adulthood with games featuring new worlds and adventures. The playability and user-friendliness also help in deriving fun and enjoyment.

Do you need a break? Time for an exciting game to play on your personal computer. It is the gaming experience with the big screen, mouse, keyboard, headset, and a comfortable docking station for your laptop or computer. As your desire for better graphics and zero lags mount, you will need a more powerful and built for gaming personal computers. Because you have preferred speed and performance for the hardware, customization is the way to go. 

Next time someone dismisses gaming as something entirely bad, show him/her the skills you’ve got from playing and having the best rig.

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