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Qualities to Look for in SEO Content Writers

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Nearly every enterprise has come to incorporate search engine optimization into its digital marketing platform. Eliciting positive attention from the world’s most popular search engines can bring scores of new visitors to your website and result in a massive uptick in new business. Crafting content that incorporates SEO-oriented phrases and terms can be among the most effective methods of search engine optimization. Needless to say, not every business is equally skilled at creating this type of content, and certain enterprises see far more success with their content than others. In the interest of creating quality content, boosting your search ranking, and growing your business, keep an eye out for the following qualities when hiring SEO content writers. 

Experience in Content Marketing  

When perusing writer resumes, be on the lookout for candidates who have experience working with content marketing services. The more content marketing experience a writer has, the better equipped they’ll be to produce content that’s equal parts entertaining and effective. To help determine whether a certain writer is a good fit for your enterprise, request to see an assortment of their SEO content samples. If they don’t have a wide variety of samples to share, task them with creating one or two practice pieces for your business. However, depending on how much work goes into these pieces, it may be necessary to pay them for their time. 

Ability to Use SEO Language Organically 

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The ability to use SEO language organically is among the most crucial qualities for a content writer to possess. Keywords and link text plays a vital role in the effectiveness of SEO content, and in order for them to be utilized to their full potential, they’ll need to be inserted into content organically. When keywords are unnaturally forced into content, readers are generally quick to take notice. Furthermore, prominent search engines don’t tend to look kindly on unnatural keyword usage or keyword stuffing. So, when interviewing prospective writers, take note of the manner in which they utilize search engine-focused language.     

Penchant for Writing with Authority 

Any writer you bring aboard should possess a penchant for writing in an authoritative voice. Even if you’re going for a casual tone, it’s important to present oneself as an authority on the subject matter at hand. Unsurprisingly, if a writer’s knowledge of a subject appears to be lacking, readers are liable to have trouble taking what they say seriously. When composing SEO content, scribes should project an air of confidence and be reasonably well-versed in the subject matter about which they’re writing.  

Willingness to Juggle Multiple Deadlines

When it comes to SEO content production, many businesses opt to have multiple pieces written at once. This helps ensure that they always have a steady stream of content to share and enables them to post new content at a moment’s notice. That being the case, the writers you work with should be adept at juggling multiple deadlines. While working against multiple deadlines can prove harrowing for newer writers, the ones on your team should be ready and willing to adjust to this type of work schedule. 

In addition to a willingness to take on multiple projects at once, a good SEO content writer will consistently submit their work on time. Although abiding by deadlines may seem like a no-brainer for professional writers, a fair number of wordsmiths regard due dates as an afterthought and won’t hesitate to blow them off if they pose an inconvenience. While it’s true that emergency situations can derail even the most obliging writers, it’s important that any writer afflicted by an emergency makes you aware of their situation as soon as possible. This professional courtesy will enable you to either extend their deadline or reassign any projects whose completion dates are now in jeopardy.    

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Good SEO content can give your business’s digital marketing efforts a considerable boost. Solidly-composed content has the power to inform, entertain, and promote, so there’s little wonder as to why so many enterprises have come to embrace SEO content creation. Of course, this isn’t to say that all SEO content is created equal. Any business looking to maximize its SEO efforts would be wise to enlist the services of skilled writers.  

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