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Rotary Joint for water and how it works


Working with various liquids gets difficult if rotary joints were not there to help out in the same. To allow moving connections in different plumbing supplies, a rotary joint is the main product that offers a rotation of united parts. To enable working connections, it is connected to a stationary input that is the main supply to a rotating element that further allows moving contact so that the various media such as liquids, solids, and gases can smoothly flow through it. It is the central part of every plumbing supply that allows rotation of the integrated elements very conveniently.

In other words, we can also say that a rotary joint or rotary union is a product that functions as a seal between the stable passage supply and the rotating part to make it easy to flow solids, liquids, and gases through it. Most of the times these rotary joints are being used in devices where different heat transfer media has to follow. You can make use of these rotary joints or transferring media such as steam, water, warm oil, coolants, hydraulic fluids and much more.

How do the rotary joints work?

Functioning of rotary joints is entirely more comfortable to conduct. To enable entire operation, you have to connect the one end of the rotary union to the main supply whereas the other ends to the rotating where it has to be met to an outlet. Once the amount of the liquid of gas is allowed to go through it, it will flow into the rotary union from the primary source and gets stored into the device during the movements of the rotator part. Once the union matches up to the point of the valve openings, it will allow the gas or the liquid medium to flow through it. Similarly more gas or liquid medium will flow out the union on next and every rotation as well.

The rotary joint for water works requires perfect conditions like high pressure and constant movement to work seamlessly. These are some of the main features of the rotary joint that enables its rotation around an axis. Moreover, if someone requires alternate psi or rpm ratio, they can customize the design of the rotary union as per their expectations.

What does the construction of the rotary union include?

You can easily find out different rotary union in the market depending upon their shapes, sizes, and configurations. Moreover, you can also customize them as well as your requirements. Whatever will be the design, shapes, and dimensions of the rotary unions, the main constructions always remain the same. They are usually being constructed from stainless steel so that it can be easily used for a long run without having any rusting or corrosion issues. You can also find rotary unions with different metallic constructions, and that puts a significant role in deciding the rates of these beautiful products. Coming up its structure, it is composed of four essential parts. These are:


Being designed to be the base product of rotary joints, housing is the device that holds all of the other elements of the rotary union altogether. The housing includes an inlet port and outlet port to enable the seamless supply of the liquid or gas throughout. The central position and function of the housings are not always fixed. It is stationary in the smaller rotary union whereas it is usually bolted to drum for active movements in larger rotary unions.


It is another one of the main components of a rotary joint that helps in carrying out the medium, i.e., liquid or gas from the rotary union to directly to drum. The shaft in the larger rotary unions is usually the stationary part of the rotary union whereas the housing keeps on rotating to allow proper functioning of the device. Moreover, the shaft also includes bearings and seal correctly assembled with it to allow an appropriate operation of a rotary joint.


The number of bearings in a rotary joint is not fixed always. It may vary from one to multiple depending upon the requirements of the project where they are going to be used. It’s only bearing that enables housing or shaft to rotate for the perfect functioning of the rotary union.

Mechanical Seal:

Seal is one of the most critical parts of the rotary union. It is also known as the heart of this product as it prevents the medium from being get leaked out of the rotary union. Just like a heart does, it pumps out the liquid through a rotary union and keeps it perfectly safe throughout. The number of seals included in the rotary joint also depends upon the design on which it is being constructed.

Where are the rotary unions being used?

As we have mentioned to you earlier, it is one of the most critical plumbing equipment used at such places where we have to flow medium of different temperatures. They are one of the most versatile products in the plumbing supplies that are joined to a stationary input and a rotating output source. These are not only being used for the water supply at different temperatures, but are also used in accessing crude oil processing, in the chemical industries, commercial food product, and various other industries. One thing while installing this wonderful product into your project is its quality. Better will be the quality of the rotary union better will be its performance, and for more run, you can use it hassle-free. To cover up all of the usages is not entirely possible here, but to introduce you with one of its unmatched features, we are discussing here a few with you.

  • Rotary unions are being employed in the tractors, grain carts, and harvesters to allow the movement of grains through it. Moreover, these are also one of the undetachable parts of shredders, steam cookers, roll forming and much more as well.
  • Rotary unions are being used in coolants, lubricants, and hydraulics in the automotive industry as well.
  • These are one of the most critical parts of the car washing equipment where water is being thrown at a very high temperature to ensure proper cleaning.
  • Rotary joints are being used in the mining process also.

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