Sunday, August 7, 2022

Technology To Revolutionize Online Entertainment In 2020


As technology continues to adapt and make our lives more interesting, it has shaped the business sector as well as the way that we consume entertainment. With the internet introducing a new wave of online entertainment in the form of Youtube Influencer, many of us are spending longer on Youtube than we are watching traditional television. But with other technological advancements such as 5G and CGI could we be seeing the changes in 2020?

online entertainment

5G Technology 

One of the biggest technological changes that are set to revolutionize online entertainment is 5G. With increased connectivity and ultra-fast internet, this will make communicating over the internet, playing games and watching TV even faster than ever before. This will, therefore, enable the quality of streaming to be improved allowing audiences to take advantage of high-quality footage at all times regardless of where they are. In addition to this, mobile applications and websites such as Vegas Slots Online will be able to provide their customers with new and exciting games that stand out regardless of the device they are playing on. 

Artificial Intelligence Technology

Though 5G is set to change online entertainment, other developments such as artificial intelligence are set to revolutionize the online entertainment industry in all its forms. With artificial intelligence used on platforms such as Youtube and Netflix to recommend new Tv shows to us, this technology is also set to revolutionize gaming. Though it has been used in first-person shooters and console games for years, recent developments have made ai more realistic and providing genuine insight into key plot points. The more practical the Ai is the better the gaming experience, this is why Ai has become such an important part of gaming as realism is wanted by a number of fans.  

Deep Learning Algorithms 

Deep learning algorithms have revolutionized online entertainment in recent years as this can provide producers with data. This data can then be used to make the game better or provide episodes of a series that can reach target audiences. This streamlines processes when it comes to the development of series and games as this will provide feedback like no other to developers. In addition, software such as this allows smaller developers to produce games that compete with main titles meaning that the playing field is leveled. 

Motion Capture 

Another technology that has continued to revolutionize online entertainment is motion capture. This has not only helped to make games more realistic to gamers, but motion capture and CGI technology have also been used in entertainment. The most recent example of this is in the Netflix film The Irishman where CGI was used to digital de-age Robert De Niro, Al Pacino, and Joe Pesci. This was not invasive in any way and was a prime example of what technology can provide to digital entertainment. As technology increases and cameras are able to adapt, the possibility of using CGI to blend the line between what is real and what is not to create a fully immersive experience for both gamers and film lovers. 

Increased Processing Power

online entertainment

The final way that technology has benefitted online entertainment is through processing power. With computers and televisions providing processing power that can facilitate higher frame rates and better graphics, this has helped to modernize the industry and aid in the production of higher quality entertainment for audiences. This is only set to change when newer technology comes to light as the graphics and quality of games will improve. In addition to this, the improvement in processing power has paved the way for a wave of PC gamers enjoying console-quality graphics on a machine that they have built themselves. 

With this in mind, there are a number of upcoming advancements that will change the way we enjoy online entertainment forever, allowing us access to tv shows, games, and films, all in the palm of your hands. This is great for the gaming industry in particular as this could see the return of many of our childhood favorites with brand new graphics. This is already evident with remakes such as Tomb Raider, Resident Evil 2 and the upcoming Resident Evil 3 Remake. What is there not to be excited about! 

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