Tuesday, August 9, 2022

Reasons Why You Need To Use Soda PDF to Compress Your PDF Files


Large PDF files are hard to manage. It takes too long to transfer huge chunks of PDF files. It also takes too much space of the storage space. Soda PDF gives you the ability to reduce the size of your PDF files into smaller manageable sizes. Using the Soda PDF file compressing tools, you can easily and quickly compress your files for free. The sodapdf.com compressing tool is easy to use, fast and free. Other than the compressing tool Soda PDF has more features that makes it for you to conveniently manage your PDF files. Here are reasons you need to use Soda PDF for your PDF files.

Use Soda PDF Anywhere

Soda PDF allows you to work on your PDF files anywhere you are. You can use this software on your smartphone, tablet, laptop or your computer. This gives you the freedom to work from anywhere. Whether you are travelling or at home, you can compress your files, merge, split or use any other tools and services from Soda PDF. If you have a busy schedule, Soda PDF will simplify your work.

Data Retention

When you use Soda PDF to make changes to your files, you will not lose any information to the process. For instance, when you reduce the size of your files, you do not lose the quality or the layout or the content in the files.

Storage Access

Soda PDF allows you to access cloud storage services such as Google Drive, OneDrive, DropBox or Box to easily and quickly retrieve the files you have saved there.

Cost Effective

Soda PDF gives you a good value for your money. The services are top notch. Additionally, some features are absolutely free. Such features are the Soda PDF file compressing tool, merging tool and Splitting tools. You will get discounts for purchasing licenses and other soda PDF features. Also, before you purchase the soda PDF features, you are given a one-month free trial.


Soda PDF offers you security when you are accessing its services. There are minimal malicious code injection into your files. There are no security headlines or regular updates. The uploaded files are automatically deleted after 24 hours from the Soda PDF servers.


You can rest assured that your PDF files are safe and secured with Soda PDF. You can keep your files from the unwanted or unauthorized readers by using the 256-bit encryption passwords. Soda PDF allows you to set controls and permissions to regulate who views your files and how they handle them. Additionally, you can add e-signatures to your files to certify the authenticity of your data. More security features offered by this software are the whiteout and redaction used for concealing or removing any confidential information.

Soda PDF has so many different features that you can use for your PDF files. Such as, you can create more than 300 types of files, compress, and convert files and so much more.

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