Thursday, August 18, 2022

5 Reasons to Leverage Explainer Videos for Your Business


Cisco projects that by 2022, video traffic will make up 82% of all online traffic. With this in mind, it’s crucial to come up with a video strategy for your brand now. If you wait, it’s just going to take that much longer to gain experience and traction.

Not only is video popular, if well done it can help those that watch it better understand a product, company, or issue. 95% of a message is absorbed after watching a video, compared to 10% after reading the same explanation in text.

With these two facts alone, it’s easy to see that even simple things, like explainer videos, can help boost your brand. However, there are five more compelling reasons why explainer videos, specifically, should be something your business uses to its advantage.

Easy Production

With the help of professional animation production companies, creating an explainer video is a simple task. From scripting to storyboard and animation generation, nearly every step can be hired out and done for you, with minimal input. If you want more control, you can have that, too.

Explainer videos, compared to traditional video production, can also be very sot and time effective. Not only are there companies dedicated to this type of production, because the product is animated, but no shooting locations also need to be found, and images can easily be adjusted to suit nearly any brand or required mood.

A Unique Perspective

Explainer videos, being animated, allow your videos to not only look different from those of your competitors, but they also allow you to show things from an entirely new perspective. Animation will enable you to illustrate intangible ideas and highlight things that may not be able to be seen in “real life.”

The animation used can also help improve the cohesion of a given narrative, making it easier to tie together disparate parts of an episode or walk a customer through an entire process in less time than it would take to do physically.

The unique combination of video and audio in well thought out animations, like explainer videos, can help a customer retain more of a message.

Bite-Sized Content

Many explainer videos, though not all, allow content to be easily broken up into segments or chapters. This can increase comprehension and willingness to view more content over time.

Add an Element of Personality or entertainment

Animation may make your videos seem more creative compared to others, especially if they have been designed to make them personable or entertaining. You want your brand to look fun and approachable, in most cases. This is a simple way to do that without overhauling your entire brand image.

An explainer video can act as a central piece of content in a given marketing campaign. It’s reasonably well self-contained and easily blends with the material around it, as it’s animation.

In addition to these reasons, explainer videos carry the same marketing weight than any other video could. That means higher social share rates, better audience engagement, more interest, and a generally higher page rank than all-text pages.

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