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What Python Frameworks are Available for Test Automation?


To a great extent, a framework capable to perform effective testing and analysis to Python code must have the range of specific requirements and tasks that the framework must be able to do. For example, if the framework for testing must be oriented for both dealing with web services and a user Interface testing – then it necessary to pick up the one that is capable to do that.

However, If there is no chance to decide which framework for testing to choose or you just deal with to great number or too different projects, then it may be much easier to create an architecture for testing User Interfaces (UI).

Most often, beginners in automation coding make a big mistake – they code as it is easier and faster, step by step as the project web development progresses not taking into account major mistakes, nevertheless, planning to further refactor the code of the framework into something really residual.

Quite often this “Further” never actually happens because of a too complicated process of refactoring. In most of the cases, it is much effective to create a testing framework from scratch.   

But, thinking structurally – the framework should be modular. If you are writing a framework in one of the object-oriented programming language (Python, Java, C#), then you are required to highlight the functionality and separate different pieces of whole stuff. Otherwise, things will end and result in spaghetti code.

A modular framework can be compared with Lego. When the framework for testing has a range of small blocks as the PageObject, DataProvider, Data Acces Object (DAO), BaseTest class, even a junior programmer who only started to work with a project will be capable to make things work.

Another important plus of modular frameworks is that you can easily replace one element with another by changing the realization or a tool. It significantly broadens your variety of options. For example, processing 15 to 20 test scenarios will only take around 15-20 minutes a day for each of them to check. However, when the number of such scenarios for testing is counted in thousands, then the data processing becomes a mess.

That is why it is always important to think, to make a little brainstorming before the project is already processed, select the main parts, program them in the form of modules, write a couple of tests for specific functionalities of the code, make experiments with what you have and find your own solutions.

Things which make a framework for testing a useful environment capable to find, analyze, and solve errors are supposed to be the following: assumptions making, test cases, best scripts, and techniques. All these are capable to show what has to be remastered in order for the project code ingredients to become a harmonic piece of cake.

Here are some of the most often used among the huge programming enterprises test automation framework:

  • Robot Framework – Python code testing open-source framework developed completely in Python but, nevertheless, capable to run on Java and .NET. supporting cross-platform.
  • RedwoodHQ – automation tool popular for its functionality and possibility for testers to collaborate with each other and run test cases on a single accessible platform.
  • Jasmine – behavior-driven development test framework for Java-script, however extensively used in Ruby and Python development & automation.

When choosing the most suitable testing frameworks for code analyzing or automation, it does not even matter what is the programming language. The most suitable will always be the one, which is oriented for the specific demand of the project you might want to test, and its requirements for the framework needed be it modular-based testing, library architecture testing, data-driven or keyword-driven testing automation frameworks.

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