How to Win PUBG Domination Mode With Practical Tips, Tricks, and Strategies

How to Win PUBG Domination Mode With Practical Tips, Tricks, and Strategies


Introduced in 2017, PUBG is a trendy online battle game for multiplayer. It is available in all operating systems, including Microsoft, Android, and iOS. The developers of PUBG bring out updated versions of the game, making it further exciting and thrilled. PUBG mobile domination mode is an updated version of the game, and the developers have designed it smartly with more PUBG cheats and hacks. 

In this mode, you will come across two teams Red and Blue. Also, the maps will have three bases: A, B, and C. All the teams need to catch a particular base that will stay activated for a few minutes or hold it as long as you can without getting killed by your enemy. 

The team which successfully holds the first two bases will be the winner of the game. This version of PUBG is a challenging one, and to be the last one standing, you need to know and follow a few strategies. Below are some of the techniques that will help you to win the game:

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Base A 

Base A has three entrances, and there is a massive statue in the center of the base. This statue helps in dividing the base into small alleyways. However, there is a single window in both the overlooking houses, which provides a larger shot of the opposite side to the players.

Attacking Strategy

While attacking the A base, there has to be at least one player who will enclose the high-ground of either Red or Black houses. On the other hand, another player will go behind the attacker from the left or the right corner.

Defending Strategy

While defending, get the Blackhouse corner to get a vivid view of both paths A and B. Stay alert! Keep your ears open and hear the footprints of the opponent. In such a situation, if you fail to find any route, you can choose to disappear in the shadow. 

Base B

Base B is quite complicated as you will come across an open space with two actual entrances and some covers. Thus, hiding becomes slightly tricky here. 

Attacking Strategy

If you want to strike from base B, you should slip the corner of the Red house entrance that will provide you a detailed view to hit the players.  

Defending Strategy

Defending from base B demands getting a place that will wrap you from both the sites. However, it would help if you chose to move in pair.

Base C

Base C is the most adventurous one. Here, you will come across many corners where you can hide as well as attack.

Attacking Strategy

You will encounter a clear view of the main cover points through the entrance of Side A. However, do not rush and don’t end up climbing through the stairs. 

Defending Strategy

Safeguarding yourself and your team here can be quite difficult. Getting hold of superweapons will be the best way to move forward in this base.  

Apart from the strategies mentioned above, here are a few extra tips and tricks for you.  

Get Into The Best Position

Your position plays a very significant role here. It would be best if you held the position that doesn’t fall in your enemies’ eyes. 

 Teamwork is crucial to the game

This mode is only for the teams. Make sure to have proper communication among all the team members. Make a strategy together and work toward your goal. Remember, a coordinated team has a maximum possibility of winning the game.

Go For The Most Potent Weapon

This is a fundamental yet important rule to sustain in this game. All you should do is keep a powerful gun to attack your enemies as soon as possible.

Stay At Your Base, Do Not Move

Remember, killing enemies is not just your aim. You should also be able to hold your base. So, to succeed in this game, don’t chase your enemy all the time; instead, you can wait on your base and preserve it.

Acquiring The Base Should Be Your First Goal

Attacking in this game is relatively more challenging than defending. Hence, the most effective strategy to succeed in this game is to inhabit the base first.


The points mentioned above are possible strategies, tips, and tricks that will help you to win the PUBG mobile domination mode. Also, practice and experience will enhance your gaming skills too. For any related queries you may comment below and we will be happy to answer them. Also, stay connected if you want more information.

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