How to Prevent Work-Related Back Pain

work related back pain

Work-related back pain is a very common health issue. Though, it doesn’t have to be that way. Learn how to prevent it by following these simple tips. There are numerous reasons why your work activity can cause severe back pain. Those who do repetitive work are in danger of pinching a nerve; increased physical activity at work, especially lifting heavy objects, can lead to back trauma. Of course, these days, there is also a widespread back pain due to physical inactivity often caused by the office work. A human body is built for activity, not stillness. Unfortunately, many perceive back pains as the normal side effect of the work specifics. Hence, they accept it instead of treating or preventing it. Be aware that such a position is quite dangerous for the future of your physical health. Those with bad posture or additional negative factors such as obesity or age are especially in danger. Fortunately, there are a few simple rules that prevent work-related back pain. 

Be Aware of Your Posture

work related back pain
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Back pains are more common among people who already have bad posture habits. Hence, to prevent accommodating more of such issues at work, you need to pay more awareness to your posture all the time. Stand firmly on your feet, so your weight is disturbing evenly. Avoid any slouching. Choose chairs with extra back support for a better sitting posture. Your both feet must rest flat on the floor when you are sitting. 

Do Some Stretching

You don’t necessarily need to work out to prevent back pains. Though, doing some stretching once in a while will definitely help your back muscles to relax, gain flexibility and strength. A simple everyday 15-minute routine can do wonders to your posture and overall physical state. You can order a whole essay on the health benefits of stretching at if you need more convincing arguments. Overall, try searching some simple yoga postures online and incorporating this practice into your schedule.

Do Proper Lifting

Too often, work that requires some heavy lifting activities gets dangerous, especially for new recruits. The thing is, not all people know how to lift heavy objects without the risks of back injuries. Thus, to lift properly, you need to distribute the weight evenly among your legs, hips, and core. In no way you should lift heavy objects by straining your back muscles. Don’t twist or do sudden movements while lifting. Also, the main rules here, if the thing is too heavy, please, do ask for help. 

Adjust Your Laptop or Computer Position

work related back pain
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Too often, our computers are not set right. You need to make sure that your sitting is not affected by the wrong setup of your computer. To do it right, your screen has to be at your eyes level. Your elbows have to rest at the table, positioned close to your body. Your back should not be tense. Your shoulders should be relaxed. Also, pay attention to your wrists and hands. They need to be relaxed, straight, and not twisted. Use a special mouse or mouse pad for extra wrist support if needed. 

Make Breaks

Whatever work you do, be sure to make brief breaks once in a while. If you are sitting in front of the computer, get up and have a short walk. If you are doing repetitive work, make adjustments once in a while. Try to avoid any twists and sudden movements. Sometimes, it’s also better to delegate your work, when possible, than spend many hours in a row in front of the screen. Ask professionals, “can you write my paper for cheap?”. It’s better than to doom yourself for days of sitting over your essay. Also, give your back a break after work as well. Avoid carrying heavy laptop bags, briefcases, bags, and other carry-ons that put the weight on one shoulder only. If you do have to carry something heavy, it’s better to use a backpack. 

Listen to Your Body 

By the end of the day, you have to recognize the needs and limitations of your own body. Learn to listen to it. Your body will always tell when something is wrong. Once you start feeling some pack or neck pains, you are already doing something wrong. These pains should not be there, and you don’t have to accept them. Don’t ignore them or search for a quick fix. Stop and think what you’ve been doing wrong to hurt your body. Find how you can fix it.  

The Bottom Line

No one should tolerate work-related back pain. Such discomforts can be easily avoided, as long as you will follow the simple steps from the above. Be sure if you take care of your body well, it will pay you back. Otherwise, what starts as simple back pain can lead to a number of serious other health issues. Hence, you need to address the situation before it is too late. Stay well and healthy

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