Thursday, August 18, 2022

Why you Should Also Start Playing Best Mobile Games

best mobile games

Earlier on my bus commute to work, I used to notice many fellow passengers tapping away on their mobiles. Some did it with dexterity while others clearly couldn’t hide their joy – and at times anguish as well. Most of them were playing the best mobile games that I at the time didn’t take a fancy to. Not that I wasn’t a gamer and part-time gambler in the lowest rung possible, but because I preferred larger screens. But these people taught me that I was missing out on playing my favorite jackpot slots online just when I actually had time to spare while on the bus or subway. Their expressions did seem amusing at the time but it wasn’t long before I jumped on the bandwagon. That is what has prompted me to share some of the benefits of playing the best mobile games. 

My parents, like most other parents, are obviously old school and would call this a complete waste of time. However, with all due respect to parents worldwide, there are a whole lot of benefits to be derived from playing the best mobile games. From de-stressing to reducing sadness and improving concentration, you’d be surprised at the numerous advantages of gaming on the go. There’s much more, so let’s dig a bit deeper and you could well be on the way to joining the fraternity of mobile gamers. 

best mobile games
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Improves Mood

We are all guilty of mood swings but what mobile games can do is bring about a positive change in your mood. There’s plenty to be overjoyed about when you land 5 wild or scatter symbols on your favorite slot or hit one of the jackpots or beat the dealer in a video poker game. Completing a mobile video game level can possibly do even more for your mood irrespective of whether you demolished an enemy hideout, rescued a damsel in distress or hit one of the Mega Moolah jackpot. Candy Crush Saga, Pokemon Go, and Angry Birds are all mood enhancers, in my honest opinion. 

Become Good at Problem Solving

There are plenty of slots and other video games that can hone your skills as a detective be it, Sherlock or Professor Layton. Many best mobile games are about facing challenges and learning to overcome them. Kids too can benefit if they’ve been struggling with problem-solving tasks at school. These games are visually appealing, engaging and can do your brain a whole lot of good. 

Improves Concentration and Brain Power

While playing mobile games, often even without realizing it, we tend to concentrate a lot more on accomplishing a task and heading to the next level. I’ve figured that out very early on when I got hooked on ‘Prince of Persia’. Games such as ‘Juice Cubes’, ‘Where’s My Water’,’ Real Chess’, and a whole lot of video slots can do a lot to help you concentrate. The next time you want to work your brain, whip out your smart-phone or tablet and check out some mobile games. 

It’s About Engagement and Less Stress 

best mobile games
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The engagement factor is pretty high if you play the right type of mobile game. And they are sure to make you feel relaxed. Whether it’s something like Disney Magic Kingdoms, Call of Duty, Diablo, or video slots with movie themes like Jumanji, Conan, Game of Thrones, The Dark Knight or King Kong, your stress levels are sure to drop the moment you get started or get those reels spinning. If you belong to the younger crowd, excitement and engagement could take over while if you are among the older generations these games are going to make you more relaxed.

We could actually go on with the list of reasons why you should start playing mobile games. Although worth a mention is the fact that they can help build social communities. According to a report, as much as 66% of puzzle mobile game apps are used by women while 63% of men are more targeted towards action and adventure mobile games. Men also dominate in the shooter-type mobile games, accounting for 74%. 

So you see there’s something for everyone when it comes to mobile games. Age doesn’t really matter!

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