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Looking for a list of free ping submission sites, check our tested and the updated list below and start letting Google your link location, we pray that everyone gets rank 🙂 Have you ever being curious about why most of link building efforts go wasted? Because your URL is mostly not recognized by any Search Engine.  By Search engines, I meant Google, Bing, DuckDuckGo, and some others. Working so hard to build a link and then not getting reorganization by any search engine is so hurting. I feel your pain. I myself went through this pain so many times until I get to know about some of the pinging sites. Ping sites are the turning point for you. They add value to your site and posts.

I am going to list down 100+ free ping submissions Site list.

In case you are not aware of the term “Pinging Site” Let me give a little introduction first before going into the details.

What is Ping Submission Site?

Have you ever felt difficulty in submitting any of your article or post to major search engines, communities, directories or some other places? If yes then Pinging sites are your solution. Pinging sites help in indexing your URL to major search engines so it will get recognized by them. Ping sites give value to your posts, time and hard work. In other words, it alerts Google whenever there is new Content on your website. You can Ping your site by just a few clicks by using some of the top pinging tools present on the internet. Though there are some spam links as well, be aware of them.

Why One Should Use Ping Service?

For your information, about 80 percent of new content or backlinks went unrecognized by Google because of negligence. If you are in the SEO industry you must know the importance of getting noticed by any of search engines. Otherwise, all of your efforts are of no use. No one is forcing you to use pinging site tool but why not grab an extra gold coin when you have an opportunity of grabbing it? I guess only fools will not avail this opportunity. Thus use any free ping submission site, if you want to make your SEO campaign a success, and get expected results.

How can you use the Pinging Site?

Don’t worry about its use, it is so simple and easy in use. You just need to follow few instructions and you are done. Just put the URL of desired post or content that you want to ping. And then write the title of that page. Simply press the button saying “Ping” and start the process. You will receive a confirmation message after some time. Once you get it, you are done with pinging your site. How simple is that?

Negative Effects on Using Pinging Tools:

No matter what you are using, there might be some advantages and disadvantages of that tool. Same goes for pinging site tools.

As the excess of anything is wrong Like water is good for health but only drinking water all the day can have some adverse effects on your kidneys. It will increase the load and pressure on your excretory system as well. There are many other examples. If you will ask the same question over and over again, anyone can get annoyed. Likewise, if you are pinging the same URL of any site using different pinging tools then this is not fine at all. In case you want better results in less time, Ping your site with 2 or 3 pinging tools. Using 10-20 tools for just one URL might have a negative impact on your campaign. Be very careful about that.

Benefits of Free Ping Submission Sites List in 2018:

As I stated above that 80 percent of new content go unnoticed by some major search engines. Yes, it’s true. So the main advantage is that it will help you to get recognized by major search engines Like Google, Bing, Safari, Yahoo, and others. Other advantages include:

Well, the best thing is most of the pinging sites are absolutely free. You don’t need to pay even a single penny for that.

  • It allows ultra-fast indexing of your sites and posts.
  • It increases the organic traffic to your website.
  • Increases Search Engine Ranking Page: (SERP).
  • Enables great visibility because of increased SERP.
  • It will make your hard work fruitful.

Best and Free Ping Submissions Sites – The List

Below is the list of free pinging sites that are best to use in the year 2018. Let’s have a look at them.

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4 Nofollow
5 Dofollow
6 Dofollow
7 Nofollow
8 Nofollow
9 Nofollow
10 Nofollow
11 Nofollow
12 Dofollow
13 Dofollow
14 Dofollow
15 Nofollow
16 Nofollow
17 Dofollow
18 Dofollow
19 Nofollow
20 Nofollow
21 Dofollow
22 Dofollow
23 Nofollow
24 Dofollow
25 Dofollow
26 Nofollow
27 Nofollow
28 Dofollow
29 Dofollow
30 Nofollow
31 Nofollow
32 Dofollow
33 Dofollow
34 Dofollow
35 Nofollow
36 Dofollow
37 Nofollow
38 Dofollow
39 Nofollow
40 Dofollow
41 Nofollow
42 Dofollow
43 Dofollow
44 Dofollow
45 Dofollow
46 Dofollow
47 Nofollow
48 Dofollow
49 Nofollow
50 Nofollow
51 Dofollow
52 Dofollow
53 Dofollow
54 Dofollow
55 Dofollow
56 Nofollow
57 Dofollow
58 Nofollow
59 Nofollow
60 Nofollow
61 Nofollow
62 Nofollow
63 Nofollow
64 Nofollow
65 Dofollow
66 Dofollow
67 Dofollow
68 Dofollow
69 Dofollow
70 Dofollow
71 Dofollow
72 Dofollow
73 Dofollow
74 Nofollow
75 Nofollow
76 Nofollow
77 Nofollow
78 Nofollow
79 Nofollow
80 Nofollow
81 Nofollow
82 Dofollow
83 Nofollow
84 Nofollow
85 Dofollow
86 Dofollow
87 Dofollow
88 Dofollow
89 Dofollow
90 Dofollow
91 Nofollow
92 Nofollow
93 Nofollow
94 Nofollow
95 Nofollow
96 Dofollow
97 Nofollow
98 Nofollow
99 Dofollow
100 Dofollow

Some Other Useful Information About Pinging Sites:

If you find the indexing process hectic and you are tired of pinging 100 times in a day then I have a solution for you. Try out “One hour indexing”. ( )  by using this you can do your task in less time and it will become more easy. Moreover, if you have a budgeted campaign then will suggest you to use: “Linklicious” ( it is the best solution for one time indexing to some major search engines especially Google. In case you have any queries feel free to ask them out in a comment section.

Conclusion: Top 100+ Free ping Submission Sites List:

Well, now you must know the importance of ping submission sites. Most of the people only focus on creating backlinks while designing their campaigns and then complain for not getting the desired results. Above you will get links to more than 100 pinging sites. Just select the one and start pinging your website now.

So you are so close in getting the extra fruit of your efforts. Just be aware of spam links. I tried you provide you all the basic information that you must looking for before pinging any of your site, now it’s your turn to follow these instructions properly. While Pinging sites don’t forget to ping the sources of backlinks as well. It will help you to get better reorganization and ranking among search engines. If you found this article useful, don’t forget to share it with your friends who are part of the SEO industry.

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