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Penetration Tests – Important Points and Pricing

Penetration Tests
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Penetration testing is usually done by organizations to confirm the strength of their security posture by trained cybersecurity experts. It includes a comprehensive and detailed analysis of the system, its extensions, functions, and stages of accessibility to find out security risks or vulnerabilities that can be exploited by a hacker to gain control of the system. 

While internal vapt security tests may be conducted by the organization’s IT team, a detailed and successful procedure is ideally done by a third-party group of experts who don’t have prior knowledge of the organizational network and can work off their expertise of similar situations to hack the system and find out its flaws. 

What pricing structures can you expect regarding penetration testing?

Usually, it is difficult to give a precise figure for the penetration test of a system – as it depends on the vulnerabilities found, the extent of hacking, and the improvements made along the process – a rough figure should get us started on the right path. Prices can always differ with other organizations depending on the number of employees on the job, the quality of testing processes and its comprehensiveness, ability to think quickly and adjust the testing procedure, to name a few parameters

There are also a few certification standards that need to be met, according to the type of penetration test and the industry to which the organization belongs to, so do make a note of this as well.

Also remember, a combination of automated and manual penetration testing techniques is the best general solution. The former takes charge of repetitive tasks such as scanning of ports, parameter manipulation, brute force attacks, etc, while the latter explore exploitation of business logic flaws, complex relationships between attack vectors and possible outcomes. 

Note: In the table mentioned below, there are different categories mentioned according to affordable and need-based services required by the client. 

  • Category-1 is the most affordable penetration testing package available without compromising on the standard quality. You’re assured a minimum level of experience with the team hired to do the testing and a minimum number of verified hours of work in this field. 

All members have sufficient skills, access to senior staff for further guidance, and will be accountable to both the firm and the organization. The basic pricing package starts from $1000.

  • Category-2 provides a standard testing option with a mix of low costs and better quality. The team hired to do the testing process will be led by a professional tester with independent experience on the job and assigns tasks per individual based on the criticality of the situation and their talents. 

This package has better skills to deal with more complex issues, faulty coding or physical issues. The basic pricing package starts from $3000.

  • Category-3 is the most premium option provided for the clients who require greater skills on the testing procedure, better accountability, and faster results. There is equal dependence on automated vulnerability assessment tools and manual experience to deal with the procedure, and included better and guaranteed detection of vulnerabilities, remedial measures, interpretation of results and their impact for the organization, and responsibility for dealing with all outcomes of the penetration testing procedure. The basic pricing package starts from $5000.
Category typeDescription of testPricing (approx.)
Category-1External network penetration test (fixed no.of IP addresses)$2000+
Black box-based external web application penetration testing $2500+
Combination – black box testing + external web application penetration test + host and network configuration testing of web hosting service$3000+
Combination – same as above + testing of horizontal and vertical access$4000+
Category-2All categories of services as above$5000 – $7000
Category-3All categories of services as above$8000 – $10000

There are Pen testing pricing structures available for individual services that can be combined based on the need of the hour.

TypeDescriptionPricing (approx.)
NetworkPenetration testing of network and host configuration of the web hosting server, including analysis of fixed number of IP addresses$2000
Internal testingPenetration testing of internal servers and/or systems$1000
WirelessUsually done along with internal penetration test$2500+
Web applications/servicePenetration testing of a single web application/service $2000
Credentialed testingPenetration testing of web applications/services, with a fixed number of application or web service roles, and horizontal and vertical access control testing$2000
Social EngineeringIncludes electronic attacks such as specific phishing attacks at human or system targets in combination with an external penetration testing$4000

It’s often difficult to calculate the exact pricing of a penetration testing procedure  due to the uncertainties and uniqueness factor of each organization’s network system. 

Sometimes, the given package doesn’t cover specific points that you wish to be considered, or more explanation and discussion regarding what suits you best. In such cases, it is best to contact an expert from your preferred third-party security experts, like Astra Security, to offer the best and personalized package for you.

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