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How to Set Up Opera Mobile VPN for Secure Browsing

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If you are looking to understand how to set up VPN on Opera Mobile, it means you have already understood what is and the many benefits of using it while browsing. While there are many VPN service providers offering to sell it to you, developers have since taken note of the gap and are now incorporating in-built VPNs to their browsers such as the one available on Opera.  

Opera offers the VPN feature in the Opera for Android why as of 2019, the Opera Beta users would be able to access the free, zero log VPN on their browsers. The feature not only allows you to access blocked websites like other market VPNs, but also seeks to offer users the privacy they need while browsing on a normal day.

The Opera mobile VPN is free, which is why you may not find it if you look for VPN recommended by Redditors although it claims to offer privacy, security and in case of adverts there is an ad blocker. VPN users however do not think that the Opera VPN is an actual VPN but rather a proxy search engine

Some of the things that make Opera VPN partly safe to use include technical security which while minimal compared to other VPNs is user friendly. In addition to this and the fact that it is free, the VPN has no data limits and is fast. If you find yourself in a country or location where some websites are censored, or you want to hide your location or secure your browsing when using public WiFi Opera mobile VPN is your best choice. To use it with ease, simply familiarize yourself with the following steps on how to set it up; 

Setting Up Opera Mobile VPN 

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As mentioned, the Opera VPN is available for the beta which means you need to ensure that your opera browser in beta too. The feature for VPN is flexible meaning that you can decide to turn it on or off whenever you are browsing and better yet allow location applicable web searches to bypass the VPN. 

Step One: Find the VPN and enable it on the Opera Beta Browser in your Android Mobile

To do this, you need to find the VPN feature on the start page using the private mode or by selecting it on the settings option available on the Opera menu. If you cannot find VPN in the settings, it should be available on in private mode. On the private mode option, you can enable and disable VPN on the start page or by using the address bar. The step by step summary of this is as follows; 

  • Open your Opera Beta Mobile browser app and tap the Opera icon at the bottom on your right. 
  • Select settings
  • Once the settings manual is on, look for VPN option which you can then turn on. (Note that the toggle above on data savings will go off once you enable VPN because you need more data while using VPN). 

The three steps above should let you enable VPN on your browser. However, unlike VPN apps which may offer full security and privacy upon activation, Opera Mobile VPN activates to private mode which lets search engines bypass VPN and access your location. This takes us to the next step. 

Step Two: Enable full protection on Opera VPN 

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You should be in the VPN mode where you can find another submenu with VPN preferences. To do this;

  • Select the settings menu and tap on the VPN option to bring up specific settings for its use.
  • To use VPN on all tabs including those not on private mode, turn off the option “Use VPN for Private Tabs only.” 
  • To turn off the search engine bypass option, disable “Bypass VPN for Search.” 
  • To select a false location as is possible on VPN apps, find the preferred option under “Virtual Location.”
  • Check if a blue icon appears on the address bar to show that VPN is on, if it is not visible, repeat the steps above. 

If the VPN option is unavailable on your browser, you may need to install or update the latest version for the option to be available. For some users, the lack of global servers might limit access in some countries which means your VPN may not work even after reinstalling. In case you have trouble with using the VPN on your Opera browser, you can ask for help in the various forums available for users online or simply use the help option. 

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