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How to Track Router History & Monitor Internet Activity

How to Track Router History & Monitor Internet Activity
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In today’s highly networked world, it is extremely important to keep a check on your children’s online activities so that they do not go astray and fall prey to some dangerous online virus. Although you cannot access somebody’s search history directly, there is a way to set up the router to log a user’s browsing history. It is worth mentioning the fact that collecting such data is a violation of a user’s privacy, which is why you should confine this method to legitimate users only. Instead of accessing your child’s web history through illegal means, simply use an internet service that allows you to lock certain websites through parental controls. For instance, the internet offered by Charter Spectrum enables you to control your child’s internet usage so they can focus on their studies rather than playing games on the internet all day. 

With that being said, let us discuss how you can access your router history.

Image Source – Unsplash.com

How to Access Router Settings? 

First of all, you need to know the IP address so you can access the router’s settings page. So, to find the IP address, open Run, type CMD, and click OK. 

Then type: “IPCONFIG /ALL”, and execute the command. 

Scroll down the results and find Default Gateway under the heading Wireless Lan adapter Wi-Fi. 

The numbers parallel with the Default Gateway represent your IP address. Copy those numbers and paste them in your computer’s web browser. If you are actively connected to the internet, the browser will take you to your router’s settings.

Enter Your Login Details

Surprisingly, many people have no idea about their login credentials. This is usually because whenever you come across an internet-related issue, you instantly get in touch with your ISP’s customer support and the technicians resolve the problem without informing you about the login information. Do not worry, we will help you access those settings too. 

Every internet router comes with a user manual, which contains the default username and password. If you have that in your possession, then simply check out the details and proceed to log in. However, if you cannot find the user manual, then try using the most common default credentials, which are:

Username: Admin

Password: Password or 1234

If these credentials do not work, then look for some combinations online or simply contact your provider’s customer support. You can also reset your router back to its default settings. However, after doing so, you will have to reconfigure the SSID and password of your network, which is not a time-consuming process, to be honest. And you may lose the history too.  In case you are still using your default internet password, then you should update the credentials to ensure the maximum security of your connection.

See Connected Devices User Activity

Although router settings vary with brand, most routers have a common feature called Logs. It reveals all the connected devices along with their IP address so you know how many devices are actively connected to your home network. You can also check the browsing history once you know the IP address of the device. 

Go to Attached Devices, which is a page that will show you the IP address of all the connected devices. Note the IP address of the device that you want to check and then click Logs to unlock all the websites that were visited using that device.

The Log is disabled by default. So, to start tracking the websites and to monitor the usage, Enable that feature and keep a strong check on your child’s online security. 

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