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TOP Mobile Apps for Business


Today, many business cases can be solved with a smartphone. And it’s not just reading emails, calling partners and ordering a taxi. Apps with new business features are released so often that you don’t have time to follow the new ones.

Modern mobile applications significantly simplify the life of the business. There are some apps to make conference. Or you can manage your working time, remotely assign tasks to employees, debit with credit and sign documents from your smartphone.

Let’s check a selection of useful applications that will help you organize and optimize your workflow and increase your personal efficiency. Download, install and use!

Business applications for your smartphone – what’s at the top?


A free service designed to distribute tasks among employees and track their performance. In addition, Basecamp is not only a handy workflow management application but also a means of communication between users.

Chrome Remote Desktop

A handy application for those who often work outside the office. Once you install the special extension for Google Chrome Browser and Chrome Remote Desktop, you can access your computer remotely and use it from your smartphone screen.


Famous service for taking notes. You can share notes, to-do lists and reminders with groups of employees.

Google Drive

Cloud service, which also allows you to work directly on documents, tables, and presentations in real-time.

Google Hangouts

Service for video communications with the ability to hold video conferences (with up to ten people) and group chats.


A highly specialized application for tracking stocks of different companies. Simple and very easy to use service with an intuitive interface.


Service for group chats, the main advantage of which is the ability to exchange files of any format. Here you can create different channels to bring together employees of the same department or people working on the same project.


Perhaps one of the most convenient applications for making todo lists. Allows you to sort issues and set reminders. Unfortunately, most of the useful features are available only to those who have installed a paid version.


A very useful application that allows you to scan documents directly from your smartphone and save them in PDF format.

Android Business Calendar

Android Business Calendar

Traditional business diary, only as an app. The Calendar has all the standard features, and the Android Business Calendar can form a summary of the day and synchronize with your Google account.


This application allows you to sign documents remotely without printing or scanning anything. The signature is scanned, loaded into your memory. And then all you have to do is put it on your document. You can also do the same with seals.


A news aggregator that saves time by creating selections on topics of interest to you.


A secure cloud for storing and sending files of any size and format.


Work time organizer, where each team member can mark the time convenient for work. A useful application for companies where most employees work remotely – they will be able to constantly communicate with colleagues and coordinate efforts.


A valuable application for those who have to fly frequently on business trips. Hopper helps you find the cheapest airline tickets.


Service for preparing meetings and setting agendas/week/month, etc. Very convenient: the materials necessary for business meetings will always be at your fingertips.


Another version of the application for group chats and video conferences. Special advantage – cross-platform. Works on iPhones and Mac and PC computers.


SMM-manager assistant, allows you to create posts and program their placement time in different social networks.

Undoubtedly, mobile applications for business are much more. We have tried to collect the most popular, most important ones. Which will help you in managing your projects, tasks, and team, without breaking away from your lifestyle.

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