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5 Mistakes To Avoid While Taking a Personal Loan


Getting your personal loan is the biggest tension of yours. This is the type of loan that you apply for when all other paths are already closed. Either you have not the ground to go for a business or a home loan or you have exhausted certain limits. The other condition to avail this type of loan is when you are short of time. Hence, getting a personal loan approved from the end of the bank becomes a nightmare for you too. Other than this, the loss of documents that the banks seek from you makes you puzzled at times too. Hence, the best choice for getting a personal loan to be approved with time is while you reach for Step one Finance. There the task is made much easier. What you have to do now, is just to follow the checklist below and get the approval in no time.

Disclose the real reason

Keeping that in view, the first and the foremost thing that you must avoid in case of personal loan is to hide the things. In most of the cases, it is found that in order to get the loan by hook or crook, you hide the basic reason to apply for the loan and show some other reasons. Here are certain examples of those –

· You are going to raise the second floor of your house and you are not the owner of the house, but that is your dad. Now, you cannot apply for the home loan, and on the other side, your dad is not having a source of income. Putting all the clauses together, the only way that is open for you is to avail a personal loan. Now, if you hide this condition to the banker or to the officials of visit Step one Finance, the loan requirement for you will not be properly justified.

·  Similar is the case where you are going to do some higher study, which is not usual at your age. There you are not getting an educational loan. The way that is again open here is to avail a personal loan.

· In case you are going to avail a second-hand car, you will not often get a financer, if that is not bought from a showroom. There also, a personal loan is the only way that is going to rescue you.

In each of the cases, if you disclose the right reason, loan for you will surely be approved, if all the other conditions are met. But on the contrary, if you hide the real reason and state some other reasons, which won’t justify your point, then your loan will not be approved. Hence, always disclose the real fact that is forcing you to ask a personal loan – the loans will be approved much easily.

Justify your income

Each of the institutions, either that be a bank or Step one Finance, will give the loan to you in only one condition that you will repay that in time. To ensure that is the target of yours, as approval of the loan resides there itself. Hence, state all your incomes that you need to explain for your loan amount. For example, you are doing a job that pays you 15K in a month. Hence, your income is 180K only in a year. This will be legitimate your loan only when you seek a 60-90K loan approval, but not more than that. If you are asking for a 200K loan or 150K loan, then the application will be cancelled, but that will not be cancelled by any means when you show that you are doing some freelancing jobs that earn you another 180K in a year. Thus, this is one of the big mistakes, which you often do and for which the loan approval is cancelled. Check those out and approval of a personal loan from Step one Finance will come out in no time.

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