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A Detailed Masters’ Degree Courses in Germany in English

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Germany is a hub for high-quality masters’ programs. There are many EU and non-EU students who have completed their masters’ degrees from German in English. An English-speaking student has a lot of options for pursuing Masters Programs in Germany taught in English. Furthermore, almost all German Public universities offer a master’s program at zero tuition fees. The lectures are given completely in the English language. 

Hence, a student does not require to know the German language to complete a master’s degree. A student should prioritize Germany for completing a master’s program. This post will explain the advice and information about the master’s programs in Germany.

Why  Choose Masters Programs in Germany

  1. German Universities provide an atmosphere that is friendly to international students. The “Global students’ satisfaction” rating is always more than 4 out of 5. Around 13% of students of German universities are a foreigner. 
  2. There is a total of 15 out of 16 states that provide funds for higher education. Due to this fund allocation, a student requires paying zero tuition fees in public universities.
  3. Germany provides top-class education infrastructure and professors for master’s degrees and Ph.D. programs. There are total German 6 Master’s schools that rank in the top 100 and 18 out of the top 200. After the UK, Germany has the most no. of top-ranked universities among the EU countries.
  4. The living cost in Germany is moderate.
  5. A student can get a wide range of choices to pursue Masters Programs in Germany. The examples of master’s programs are as follows.
  1. Humanities
  2. Mathematics 
  3. Engineering & Technology
  4. Agriculture and Forestry
  5. Physics
  6. Business & Management
  7. Computer Science and It
  8. Natural Science
  9. Environmental Studies & Earth Sciences
  10. International Tourism etc.
  1. The students can opt to choose between consecutive and non-consecutive masters’ programs. Hence, German universities also provide options for the students who want to study a higher academic topic in masters compared to the bachelor’s degree. In the case of that non-consecutive program, the students need to pay more.
  2. The certificates of the master’s degree in German universities are accepted globally.
  3. A student can carry out the research program easily after completing a Master’s degree easily. German Universities award an extensive range of Ph.D. degrees.

Key details of Masters Programs

Total No. of UniversitiesThere is a total of 426 Universities for Masters Programs in Germany taught in English.
Percentage of International StudentsThere is a total of 13% of students pursuing a Master’s degree who are foreigners.
Length of a Master’s Degree Course2 Years
Typical FeesThere is no tuition fee for consecutive master’s degree courses. For example, if a student has completed a bachelor’s degree in Math and wants to complete a Master’s degree also in Mathematics, then the student needs not to pay any tuition fee. In the case of, Non-consecutive the tuition fees can go up to $36000.
Academic YearOctober to September
No. of Public UniversitiesThere are total 300 Public Universities and According to the official German Academic Exchange Service or DAAD, these universities teach 95% of the students.

Types of German University

There are four types of universities of Masters Programs in Germany taught in English. The brief descriptions of these types of universities are as follows. 

  1. Research German Universities when a student can pursue research in various subjects. They mainly offer a masters’ program and further Ph.D. degrees.
  2. Technical Universities conventionally offer masters’ degrees in science, technology and engineering research. In recent days, these universities offer masters’ in other academic topics.
  3. Universities of Applied Science are called Fachhochschulen in Germany. These universities offer a master’s degree in practical subjects. Examples of such practical subjects are engineering, business. They provide job oriented masters’ degree by making partnerships with commercial organizations.
  4. There are also German Colleges that offer wide ranges of masters’ degrees. Any of the University offers masters’ in statistics to Humanism to 18 types of masters’ programs. 

Course Content

Master programs in Germany taught in English are prearranged into split modules or other units of study. It should be noted that the contents of different masters’ degree programs will be different. The professors teach their students through lectures, practical workshops, seminars, and fieldwork. 

Sometimes the students are advised for independent study also. A Master’s academic program which is offered by a Research University consists of too many core lectures and seminars. The theoretical lectures are supported by practical work in a laboratory. The students of masters’ degrees in Germany are also encouraged for independent study.

Student Visas

As mentioned before, international students prefer Germany as the country is a welcoming study center. The government is also generous to international students as they can also avail of the benefits of zero tuition fees. 

If a student is from an EU country, then the entry condition in Germany is relaxed for the student. This is because as a part of the EU and Schengen Area, Germany keeps open borders and relaxed immigration agreements with many European nations.


There are many factors like immigration, German student visa, and residence requirements are depended on the nationality of the applying student. For example, If a student is a citizen of the EU, EEA or Swiss student, the student does not require a visa to study a Master’s degree here. Only a residence permit is enough in that case. Students from other than EU countries require both a visa and a residence permit for Masters Programs in Germany taught in English

A student can’t enter Germany on a tourist visa and get admission to a Masters’s degree. Another benefit of completing a master’s program in Germany is the country has many renowned research institutes like the Max Planck Society. A student can carry out Ph.D. 

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