Thursday, August 18, 2022

How to Make a Modded Minecraft Server

Modded Minecraft Server

It’s a lot easier than most people think to make their own Minecraft server with mods. “Mods” is short-form gamer slang for the word “moderations,” which are used in order to customize experiences in games and usually are implemented online. It’s not a surprise as to why anyone would be interested in creating their own experience for themselves or their friends; it allows them to highlight the creativity and strengthens the group on the server as a whole as memorable adventures are had.

Modded Minecraft Server

Most Minecraft server hosting companies are invaluable for streamlining the experience of creating a custom Minecraft server with your own personally selected modpacks. First, download and install Twitch’s launching app onto your computer that you’ll be modding from. Once this is done, open the program by clicking on it. At the very top, you should see a purple bar with various scroll-down menus. Click the tab that says “Mods.” From there, you will see a wide variety of titles for various games that you can select mods for. Find and click on the Minecraft tile, since that’s what you’re interested in modding this time. After clicking, you’ll be taken to the Twitch Minecraft section, identifiable by the grayed-out Creeper and the Minecraft logo. It should say, “No profiles currently installed.”

Next, click on “Create Custom Profile” to create a centralized hub for your various mods. Afterward, you are then able to name your modpack and specify the version of Minecraft you’d like to use it in. You can name it something basic or complex, so long as it’s memorable, making it memorable will craft the idea of fun you’d like to have with it. You don’t need to worry about the “Modloader” section at all. Once all of the relevant fields are filled out, click on the purple “Okay” button. You will then be taken back to the screen before you clicked “Create Custom Profile,” but now should be able to see the custom modpack that you’ve titled. You can always find these by clicking the “My Modpacks” tab directly under the main Minecraft logo.  

Modded Minecraft Server

Since you want to add mods to your modpack, click on it now. It will open up a large white section below your titled mod pack that exists to show all of the mods that you have installed. You can also use the adjacent “Resource Packs” and “Maps” tabs to add relevant mods in order to change smaller and more nuanced features within your Minecraft world. Under the “Installed Mods” tab, you’ll see that there aren’t any mods installed. Click “Get Mods” below that, and you will be taken to a separate area from which to select your desired number of mods you’d like to implement on your server. Make sure to pay careful attention to their descriptions to make sure they flow with the world you’re trying to create for your players; looking at the number of downloads is always a good habit as well because generally speaking, the more downloads a mod has then, the more game-enhancing and functional it is. You’ll also be able to see the game version requirements for said mod. You will be able to add as many as you’d like by clicking “Install” on the center of the graphic tile.

After choosing everything you’d like to install, click the back button near the top left, followed by the ellipses to the top right. This will create a drop menu from which you will select “Export Profile.” Leave all the settings alone and click “Okay” to finish. Save the modpack to your PC; it’s best done in a folder you created just for this process. Afterward, go to your server host’s control panel and click on their custom installer “Build Your Own Modpack” in order to upload the exported zip file you just downloaded.

Navigate to the file and click “Open” to upload it to the website. Finish by clicking “Install Modpack” and presto! Your customized Minecraft experience awaits you. 

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