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Ways To keep Your Instagram Account As Good As Possible


Instagram already has 300 million active users who upload 70 million images a day. What can be learned from the best, from those who have hundreds of thousands of observers? I’m not a social media ninja, but I know how this system works.

I’ve always liked taking pictures. First with those old and funny phones, then with a camera, and finally with my new smartphone picked especially for taking photos because I always have it with me. I’ve set up an Instagram account five years ago, initially treating it as a private photo album. I made some mistakes that all newcomers make: I’ve abused filters, I’ve selected the photos too rawly and I didn’t add the hashtags to my photos.

Remember that I’m no expert, I don’t follow most of the advice I hear and the tricks I read about on the internet and I don’t watch those crappy youtube tutorials. I like to listen to the best fashion bloggers, photographers, marketers who run profiles professionally for the big brands, but I don’t take photos of cats and dogs, because I don’t have any of those things yet. Selfish, I know.  I don’t believe in #nomakeup and photos of food, because I prefer to eat them than to take photos of them. But I’m not ashamed even when it comes to my younger friends whom I’m still filtering a little, in front of people in the industry – I don’t take photos of the events I visit and I prefer nostalgic holiday photos than solid documentation of my own metamorphoses.

The youngest ones are on Snapchat anyway, so as an e-marketing student I can feel safe enough. And, I think so, it’s more pleasant to not to know all these complicated rules because then the stress seconds before posting a new photo reaches its zenith. And taking a beautiful photo in October can be quite a challenge. But it’s always better to make a conscious decision about whether we want to try to become “Instagram stars” than to reject any pre-tested methods, so for all ambitious people out there I’ve created a list of five tips. I’ve read them on industry portals, I’ve heard them from those who have a follower count going in the thousands.

Upload Regularly, But Please, Don’t Spam.

Post a lot, but not too much. The key to a good Instagram profile is self-control. If you care too much, you won’t get a chance to get more like than usual. If you don’t make a selection, people will think you post every photo that you take. Post at 2 a.m. and 5 p.m., because then people prefer to scroll through Instagram, especially on Sunday, because there is less competition and on Wednesday, because then most people are willing to like it. You can go full creative and add some free background photos for free from websites like 4vector.com or Unsplash.

When it comes to hashtags, the optimal number is not one, but seven. If you want to get more followers, use the most popular ones that encourage reciprocity, for example, #followback, #instafollow, #l4l (Like for like), #tagforlikes and #followback #FF (Follow Friday), are all great examples. However, teenagers would say that even ironic hashtags are already a kind of a bull’s-eye. But let us not exaggerate too much. Describing the photo with #beach, #sun, #summer hasn’t harmed anyone yet, and it immediately releases good energy. But remember that hashtag can’t be a sticking plaster. If you add a hashtag #nomakeup, you really have to show up from your most natural self. If you find the hashtags restrictive, make up your own, the more absurd, the better. Maybe others will catch them? Maybe they will go viral? Who knows? Those who don’t can’t come up with anything can still throw some smileys. You can express almost everything.

Limit Your Filtering Drive And If You Need To Play With The Retoucher, Use The Best Apps You Can Find.

Photos that are so tweaked up are the best. I still have a weakness for the filters, especially when my face is supposed to appear in the photo (usually covered with hair in a strategic way). However, specialists say that light is the most important aspect in both professional sessions and those we “produce” for our own use. In other words: we have another excuse not to leave home on a cloudy day because we won’t shoot a good selfie anyway.

Take Photos Of Your Face

Experts are brutal but honest. Photos of the face are the best. Not necessarily yours. And not necessarily your anonymous friends. If you catch a star on the fly who has a lot of fans or you have your own money for the bow of the month, reach for the Stick’s self. Because you have to have the opportunity for a selfik – a new hairstyle, professional make-up, a unique background (but I beg you, don’t do a selfie with Mona Lisa, even if Beyoncé thinks it’s possible).

Download Additional Apps

The best filters have VSCO (brilliantly illuminates photos), Spark mode reverses frames, Catwang turns faces on cat’s muzzle (very useful, because cats, as we know, get the most loves), and Hyperlapse allows you to shoot cool videos. Is it too much of a challenge for you? Think that once the pictures were taken in the darkroom, hung on ropes and waited for hours for the effect. Now you just have to click on a few options – it’s a really small sacrifice, and even professionals will appreciate your efforts.

Like Photos Of Others, Follow Their Profiles And Leave Them Comments

A difficult task for all misanthropists: Instagram requires that you like others at least as much as you like yourself. LIKE photos of others, FOLLOW their profiles and leave them comments, because, for every hundred pipes, data given to any person, up to six followers will come to you. And if you don’t care about statistics, you’ll fall in love with the pictures you see on Instagram anyway. This is the first time in the history of the world when you can see in one place a frame of Icelandic waterfall made by a photographer from “National Geographic”, a half-naked picture of a star who earns 300 million dollars a year and a photo of seafood, prepared by a chef whose restaurant has three Michelin stars. Can this lead to frustration, complexes and jealousy? There is such a risk. But there is a greater chance that you will get to know the world without leaving home and learn to take better pictures without a professional course.

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