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Is it Hard to Advertise a Barbershop?


With increasing self-care concerns and more and more people engaging themselves in activities that help them in present themselves better, hairstyles are at the epicenter of this trend. New hairstyles are seen in the fashion industry every day, and while some don’t last longer than the time Katy Perry finishes a new album, some are seen trending for years.

People are more inclined towards trying something new every day, and haircuts and hairstyles are no exception. With many barbershops to choose from, choices are biased highly on previous experiences and distance from localities. But is it too hard for a barbershop to attract new customers?

Let’s dig deeper into this topic.        

Is It Hard to Advertise A Barbershop?

For all the folks out there starting fresh as a barber and looking to attract the customers-yes, the conditions are not as suitable as they are for a new Doctor, say. But few tricks and tweaks here and there and you can skyrocket your barbershop for sure! Time to find out how you can do that.

Keeping up with the latest trends is necessary

Yes, that matters a lot. Even if the percentage of people that like to try new hairstyles and haircuts is not large as compared to the total number of people get their haircuts done, it still makes a huge difference in reputation building. So, as a barber, you should always keep tabs on the latest trends in haircuts and styles. You can regularly check for new hairstyles provide consumers with what they want, to keep them happy.

Remember, happier customers spread the word about you, and build your reputation in their colleagues, friends, and family. This will bring more customers into the barbershop!

The Location matters

One of the things that average consumers take into account is the distance or location of the barbershop concerning the locality they live in. Nobody wants to travel a few kilometers through traffic to reach their barbershop and will prefer the nearby ones instead.

This makes choosing the right place for your barbershop very important. Nearby a large residential zone, on a highly visible street side is the best one you can get as a place for your shop.

Social Media

You can try promoting your barbershops on social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook for building some reputation. They are free to use if you just wish to post some pictures about what kind of attractive packages you have or what different types of haircuts you provide. Such posts with interesting content can reach thousands of people, and building curiosity will attract more and more people.

Social media has a larger influence than offline promotion campaigns nowadays, and you should make full use of the social media powers for promoting your barbershop in every possible way! Even listing your shop on platforms like JustDial will boost your visit rate.

Overall, even if the Barbershop is not the most attractive place you can promote, bringing in more customers as possible. You can achieve this by offering some attractive packages for real-time and providing customer-friendly service to build a loyal customer group.

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