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How to Increase Website Rank in Search Engines


At times, websites with the best designs fail to make an impact. This is because they do not fulfill the needed requirements of a good rank. The rank or rating of a website is measured on the basis of various key metrics. One of the important metrics is domain authority. Domain authority is a metric launched by MOZ. It is a strong metric these days and used to judge the caliber of a website. Websites that do not have a good DA score actually struggle a lot get customers and build a trustworthy relationship with them. This is mainly because websites with a low DA score are considered less reliable. They have higher chances of being involved in scams. In a nutshell, if you want your website to succeed, having a high domain authority score is very important. That could be only possible if your site has quality backlinks. With you can easily generate more quality backlinks for your site and can increase its organic traffic.

If you have a low DA score, the following tips can be used to improve it

The domain name should match with your business category

A website that causes any kind of confusion for the reader fails to get a good DA score. Having a related domain name is an important task. Websites which have a domain name not matching with their business niche fail to get a good DA score. Let us go through an example to gain more elaboration.

  • Consider that you run an online shoe brand. When you are getting a website designed, the domain name should be related to shoes, footwear or any similar constituent. In this way, people looking at your website would not get confused. A lot of business owners make this mistake. The domain name they have does not match with their business category. This is a key way to improve domain authority. If your website domain name matches with the nature of business, getting a high domain authority score would not be a problem for you.

High standard original related content

Quality content can take a website to new heights within no time. However, when you talk about content, it should be nothing less than 100% original. Copying content is an unprofessional act which is not accepted under any condition. These days, readability is the biggest priority for any serious buyer. Websites that do not offer quality original content are not accepted in any condition.

  • If you want your website to get a good DA score, quality original content is what you should focus on. It is even better if your website has a blog section on which new related posts are added every now and then. Websites which regularly offer fresh content to the read grow rapidly.
  • The content should be related to the products and services being offered by the company. Consider an example. For instance, if you are dealing in plastic products, the blogs and other content portions of your website should provide related information. Dealing in plastic products and having blogs related to electronic appliances would obviously create confusion for the reader. People visit a website to gain more information about a company and the products that it offers. If the provided information is not related to what the company offers, it would not get a high domain authority score.

Correct keywords with variations

Content without the correct keywords is as bad as a human body without a skeleton. How do keywords improve domain authority? Keywords are related to the searching phrases that users use. For example, if most people are using the phrase “best automatic cars” to search for automatic vehicles online, this phrase would be rated as an important keyword. Websites selling automatic vehicles online would be using this phrase to get the highest traffic rate. Websites which have content with the correct keywords attain a high DA score in quick time.

  • Using variations of targeted keywords is important as well. If you consider the phrase “best automatic cars”, using variations of this phrase would improve the traffic rate and the domain authority score. For instance, you can use variations like “best cars with automatic transmission” to meet more search needs. It does happen that users alter the arrangement of keywords according to their preferences. The use of correct targeted keywords helps in getting higher DA scores.

Internal linking structure is critical

A proper internal linking structure is important particularly for new websites. When a visitor visits a website for the first time, he pays immense attention to the standard of user experience. Websites which do not have a quality internal linking structure fail to impress the users. On the other hand, websites with a good internal linking structure get more visitors and score highly on the domain authority scale.

  • It is important to understand that users have different needs when they visit a website. For instance, every user who visits a website may not want to view the company profile link. A particular customer may want to visit the blog section directly. This is when the internal linking structure of the website comes into play. To reach the “blog” section of the website directly, the user would have to move from one page to the other. This transition would become smoother if the user has the option to use a quality internal linking structure.

Summing It up

Domain Authority is a very important metric to judge a website. These days, it is being used a lot and all high websites have a high DA score. This score is not awarded randomly to a website and a lot of factors come into play. The quality of written content is one of them. The credibility of a website depends a lot on content quality. If a website fails to offer quality content, it would fail to have a good traffic rate. Similarly, it also does not have a good domain authority score.

Websites with high domain authority score have a good and easy to interpret internal linking structure. This structure helps users in moving from one page to the other. For new users, an internal linking structure is very much a necessity.

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