How to Improve Security in Your Warehouse

Improve Security in Your Warehouse
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Warehouse pilferage and incidents of outright theft are a fundamental challenge for businesses all over the world. They lead to millions in losses and can adversely impact a company’s supply chain. In worst-case scenarios, warehouse theft has also led to the reckless sale of controlled substances and chemicals and thereby putting entire communities at risk. 

On the bright side, warehouse, tech, and security experts have come up with effective ways to deter and curb warehouse insecurity. You only need to pick what works for your facility and implement it properly.

Let’s look into some top options worth considering, shall we?

Get More Organized

A lack of proper order in a warehouse can be a recipe for disaster. It leaves too many loopholes that unscrupulous workers can capitalize on to execute their underhanded deals. Streamlining your operations would make it easier for you and your managers to keep track of everything and be able to hold individual employees accountable. 

First, ensure that you have proper and adequate storage facilities such as racks and shelves. They should, ideally, be made of metal for durability and to ensure that they can comfortably handle the weight of inventory. 

Heavy-duty plastic crates are also often useful during tasks like order processing. However, their application varies between warehouses. Try to work with a plastic mold maker to develop an appropriate crate design for the specific needs of your warehouse.

With storage handled, you can then choose a proper warehouse organization system and ensure that all inventory is sorted and shelved. 

Invest in Warehouse Technology

Automating your warehouse entails using technology to perform repetitive tasks. It increases productivity rates, reduces errors in inventory management, and makes it easy to trace the handling of inventory for the entire duration that it is stored in your warehouse. 

However, not all warehouse technology may be suitable for your facility. It may, therefore, be wiser to identify specific tasks in your warehouse that, if automated, could minimize your risk exposure.

For example, affixing RFID chips on boxes or pallets of inventory would enable you to track it from the time it is received until dispatched. You could also add sensors at entry and exit points to detect instances when unauthorized merchandise is being taken out of the facility. 

Install Security Features

Most workers find surveillance cameras intrusive. They are, nevertheless, necessary because they may be the only way to fully monitor operations and keep everything safe. As such, do not hesitate to install them both in the facility and outdoors too. 

Further, warehouse structures often leave very little room for natural light. This could hamper the working of some surveillance cameras and also make your facility hazardous for staff as they would be operating in semi-darkness. 

Fluorescent light bulbs are great for large spaces and often the go-to choice for warehouses. However, you can do better. RGB LED strip wholesale lights, for instance, would be much cheaper. Moreover, they offer much better lighting than fluorescent bulbs, are more durable, and you can even install some strips along shelves for better visibility. 

Hire a Security Team

The right security team for your warehouse will depend on the kind of goods you have under your care.

Goods like clothing, cosmetics, or food items may not require any extraordinary measures. Guards and limited access to the warehouse may suffice.  

In contrast, high-risk and high-value goods such as controlled narcotics, explosives, or precious metals would warrant high-level security. You will likely need to have armed guards patrolling around the facility, guarding doors as well as the warehouse floor. 

That said, it can be difficult for staff to work indoors under the gaze of armed guards. It may thus be best for indoor guards to keep their ammunition tucked away. A quick internet search could help you find a list of gun safe manufacturers that can custom-make such suitable storage facilities for you. 

Upgrade Your Staff Management Systems

Warehouses have some of the highest rates of staff turnover. It can, therefore, be difficult to properly each employee that you have on board. As such, the next best thing would be to have proper staff management systems that allow you to hold your employees accountable. 

Digital staff passes would be particularly effective for this task. Staff can use them to log in to work, sign off, and as unique identities when handling goods during warehouse processes. Such a system may even lower the resources you would have to dedicate to hands-on staff supervision. 


Automating warehouses and tightening up their operations is often met with lots of hue and cry because it can lead to job loss and redundancies. However, in the final tally of things, saving your business is always the right choice. Besides, doing so may allow you to create even more jobs in the future.

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