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The Importance of Using Natural Components in Cosmetics

Importance of Using Natural Components in Cosmetics

People have different skin types such as normal, oily, dry, and combination skin types. Skin requires nutrients to keep it healthy and glowing. Nowadays, the use of cosmetics on the skin has been increased. People, especially women, apply cosmetics to make their skin look beautiful and graceful unnaturally for the best results. Instead of non-organic products, if they use natural products like natural deo and natural cosmetics, they will have better and long-lasting effects. Even after knowing that these cosmetics include chemicals that are harmful to any skin type and in the long run, it worsens the skin condition.

Five Reasons Why you Should go for Natural Components in Cosmetics

What is the solution? You can switch to natural products. Here are the best reasons why you should consume natural components containing cosmetics.

Avoid skin irritation and allergies

When people with sensitive skin apply chemical cosmetics, there is a chance to develop a burning sensation, redness, itchiness, or other consequences. Natural cosmetics admirably help in reducing these consequences because it lacks those harmful chemicals. 

Avoid the chemical absorption by the skin

Recent studies show that there is a chance of absorption of chemicals by penetrating through cells by permeation. There are possibilities of ingestion of chemicals, e.g., women who apply lipsticks ingest a notable amount of lead, cadmium, or other heavy metal. 

There are also chances of inhaling chemicals from fragrances or perfumes, ultimately settling in airways and lungs.

Environment and ecology friendly

These non-organic cosmetics contain various heavy chemicals that are not degraded by microorganisms on disposal. They cause damage to the ecology. For example, preservatives like butylated hydroxytoluene(BHT) are considered deadly for aquatic life. 

Natural products contain fewer chemicals, and their active ingredients are grown in ranches. Therefore, organic cosmetics don’t harm the environment.

Organic cosmetics are gentle

Organic cosmetics are gentler on the skin when compared to non-organic cosmetics. You may have felt that chemicals containing cosmetics give quicker results. But chemical cosmetics cannot be used for the long-term because they contain several skin irritants that cause damages and make skin drier. Natural cosmetics can be used for the long-term and will give you better results without irritating the skin.

Chemical cosmetics are not good for overall health

Importance of Using Natural Components in Cosmetics
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After passing through the upper layer of skin, chemicals can enter the bloodstream. Chemicals can affect the normal functioning of the body. 

Parabens are used as preservatives in cosmetics, which can mimic the body hormones resulting in worsening body functioning after entering into the body. The presence of formaldehyde in cosmetics can make it irritant and give a burning sensation. Cosmetics containing lead or mercury can increase the risk of gastrointestinal and urinary system disorders.

There are natural preservatives like rosemary extracts, citric acid, etc.,which don’t have side effects.

In the End

Various face cleansers, face wash, body wash, lotions, foundation, makeup products, etc. contains chemicals like Phthalates, parabens, lead, formaldehyde, and many other toxic chemicals that are fatal for healthy skin. 

Recent studies found that skin may soak up to 60% of the chemicals present in them. Therefore, natural components containing cosmetics are the best alternative that can be used regularly for the long-term. Natural cosmetics provide better nourishment.

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