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Things to Know About How Your Privacy is Being Used on Internet

Things to Know About How Your Privacy is Being Used on Internet

Modernity creates an illusion of total freedom that each of us shares. Perhaps many of us do traditionally enjoy independence and freedom. Still, our society was not prepared for more subtle attacks on privacy that we do not even notice. We are used to many aspects of our lives that could be seen as a violation of our privacy. But the world has changed. It is crucial to know about them because awareness helps to determine which parts of your life you are willing to open. 

Using Your Data

Using Your Data

Identity Theft

Identity theft is much closer than we all think. So why is that so important? This type of crime is one of the most common today. People can use your identity to apply for credit or when they are caught with criminal misconduct. A lot of information you store and share via your PC and smartphone can be stolen for such purposes. It is one of the reasons more and more people are willing to know about McAfee antivirus and its identity theft protection. So be careful when sharing your data with others. 


Unsurprisingly, commercial organizations seek different ways of finding and using information about you. What about all those discount cards that you received in exchange for some bit of personal data, be it your phone or general facts about yourself? Many such details can actually be sold by one organization to the other for better promotion. Have you ever felt surprised that your emails and messages contain the products that you just so accidentally wanted to buy? That’s not shocking either because this information is everywhere, only recall how often you give it away. 

You are Being Watched

You are Being Watched


Every single day we see cameras at work, shops, and even streets. A great deal of effort is invested in creating better cameras, facial recognition programs, and other similar tools. We are told that such innovations will improve our safety, and it is hard to argue that because it helps to monitor the behavior of suspicious individuals. At work, such an approach helps to locate the misconduct. But something is unsettling in the fact that others can see the majority of our actions outside. 

Behavioral Analysis

Even if the cameras don’t detect you often, many people in authority actually may have access to what and when you do. All purchases you do are recorded, including the time and location of the specific area where you bought something. 

Judging on your use of the taxi, underground, or other types of transport for which you pay with your credit card, it is possible to track your movements within the city. And we even don’t mention your smartphones that often have a feature of monitoring you. 

Besides, a person’s preferences in buying some products have some specific patterns that some might find interesting. 

Problems with the Internet

Social Media

We love social media. People work on their accounts every day, ready to do anything to gain more followers or at least to communicate. People post photos of their food, the places they visit, and the people they love, basically exposing every part of their lives. If a person wanted to find you, they would use your social media accounts to know where to look for. There are other issues, sure, like an argument with a friend may lead to screenshots showing your secrets and thoughts.

History and Services

Browsing history tells a lot about a person, and we all hear jokes about dying after it is wiped out. There is a lot of truth in it – even if you delete your browsing history, it will still be available to multiple people. 

The services and products people purchase online are also stored until someone wants to use it. Almost every website records personal information while you use it, and it is hard to do anything with it. 

Concluding Thoughts

We can’t change the time we live in, and the truth is we wouldn’t want to refuse from it as well. We would not have a lot of things that are essential to our well-being today, and that is why privacy is under threat. Keeping these problems in mind is a useful.

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