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The Ultimate Robot Vacuum Cleaners Buying Guide


Not everyone is a fan of doing household chores, especially vacuuming. It’s tiring and time-consuming process. Fortunately, there are robot vacuum cleaners that can make our life easier by taking care of all the cleaning and dusting for you. They’re good at picking up dust, food crumbs, pet hair, and other common household rubbish.

These smart home cleaners may not totally replace manual surface cleaning, but they’re capable of cutting down the laborious task. They’re a convenient device that requires little to no effort on your part. Simply use either its remote control or app on your smartphone, and it’s good to go. There are even higher-end units which you can program to start cleaning on its own without any intervention from you. Plus you don’t have to deal with unwieldy hoses and cords.

Although robotic vacuums don’t have the same suction power of upright vacuums, it can effectively help you maintain the beauty of your floors minus the effort.

Robotic Vacuum Vs. Traditional Vacuum

Unlike your good-old manual vacuum, a robot vacuum is intelligent and self-sufficient. Most models come with sensors, lasers, and motherboards. There are even those that have WiFi capabilities to help them navigate your home and its rooms without any assistance.

Also, these smart cleaning tools don’t use bags for storing all the dirt and debris they collect, unlike traditional vacuums. They have a dustbin which you can easily remove when it’s time to empty it. A lot of units also feature HEPA filters to prevent allergens from circulating and spreading in the air.

The majority of robot cleaners available today have charging docks and the ability to charge themselves. Simply place the dock where your robot can access it easily, and it will return there by itself before its charge runs out. It will sit there until it has enough power to resume where it left off and finish the entire task. You can also conveniently schedule it to clean your home when you’re away so that your home will be spotless when you get back.

How To Choose The Right Robot Cleaner For Your Home

Consider the following key factors when shopping around for the perfect robot automatic cleaner for your home:

1. Maintenance

One of the main reasons we want a robot is because it can save as valuable time. But they still need regular upkeep. Certain technological advances, such as extractors, re-charging, and filtrations can reduce maintenance load and user interaction. However, even the newest models require some attention from time to time. You still need to empty its bin when full, as well as replace its filters and battery over time.

The brand name will play a big role here. You can easily purchase parts online and in physical stores for Neato, iRobot, and other established brands. There are also video tutorials available online on how you can replace parts.

2. Power and Battery

These devices use batteries to run. You need to recharge batteries, that’s why it is vital to look for a model with quality batteries.

The minimum run-time of a decent robot before returning it to its base is about 60 minutes. Here’s how to categorize it:

  • Less than 60 mins: Unacceptable
  • 60 mins.:  Usually on budget, lower-end models
  • 60 to 80 mins.:  The average cycle or mid-range units
  • 80 to 90+ mins.: Top of the line, high-end robots

Some newer models can automatically return to their charging docks when their batteries are low. They’ll pick up where they left off once recharged. Here’s the hierarchy in terms of this feature:

  • Some robots will run until their power runoff, which means you need to place them manually on their charging dock.
  • Some robovacs can detect if their battery is low and will automatically return to their base.
  • Others, on the other hand, can not only detect low power and return to their docks, but they also have an auto-resume feature.

Keep in mind that robots with a higher price tag generally means longer battery power and have the ability to return to its base. Things will start to change as the price goes down.

3. Cleaning Performance

This feature may be obvious, but it’s very significant. High-end robots can offer a cleaning power as close as that of a traditional vacuum. Those at the mid-range can provide you with a great cleaning performance but may have a hard time handling corners and certain surfaces. While low-end models are ideal for light cleaning and maintenance, so you may still need the help of your upright vacuum.

Make sure you know what your cleaning objectives are. Do not just rely on the price tag but think of how much time you’ll save. If possible, try to stretch your budget when considering this feature.

4. Auto-Scheduling

These automatic cleaners will start working its magic with a simple push of the start button. However, there are more robust, advanced models that have an auto-scheduling feature. It’s a very handy feature where you can schedule your robot to clean every day, every other day, weekly, and so on.

You’ll be able to set a specific time when it’ll start its cleaning task, and it’ll run automatically. This is perfect if you’re always out and about and don’t have enough time to squeeze in some cleaning time every day or during the weekend.

5. WiFi Control App

There are newer robotic cleaners that you can control from a smartphone app. This means that you can control your device anywhere you are as long as you have a Wifi connection. You can monitor it, get live updates, and control your robot with your fingertips.

However, there are concerns that robot vacuums, like with anything connected to the internet, could be spying on you, especially those with dynamic monitoring. Machines with a 360-degree camera may serve as a cyber crook’s device for home surveillance to spy on homeowners.

This is a truly alarming thing, but not all robots are prone to hacking. If you have one with a camera, be cautious, and familiarize yourself with the hazards that come with it.

6. Your Budget

Low en robot vacuums are reasonably affordable while higher-end complete with all the bells and whistles come with a hefty price tag.

Not all robots are created equally, and you can find a few inexpensive units that can offer good cleaning capability. Sometimes, a higher price point does not equal quality as well. The most important thing here is knowing what you want to get out of the machine and stay within your budget as much as possible. However, shelling out a little more will be beneficial on your end.

Best Robot Vacuum Cleaners

Robotic vacuums are ideal for apartments and smaller homes. They can tackle carpets and hard floors. The best robot automatic vacuum comes with powerful suction, a brush roll, a good battery life, and has all essential smart features to be self-sufficient. A lot of robots work with smartphones, and there are even advanced units that can map out the floor plan of your home for precise cleaning.

Their price range can go from as low as $200 to as high as $1,000 or more. You have plenty of options out there, and our smart automatic vacuum cleaner reviews will narrow them down for you to ensure you’ll get the perfect one for your budget and the needs of your home.

1. Ecovacs Deebot N79S

The Ecovacs Deebot N79S is a best-seller not only because of its $240 price tag but because of its amazing features. For a robot this cheap, it has an excellent battery life, HEPA filter, and powerful suction that you can normally find on more expensive models. It also comes with a smartphone app and a smart home device support on top of its navigation mapping.


  • Offers fantastic value
  • Powerful suction
  • Smartphone app control
  • Compatible with Amazon Alexa


  • WiFi setup is a bit complicated
  • You may encounter some minor navigation problems

3. Eufy RoboVac 11S

If you’re low on budget, the Eufy 11S is another cheap robotic vac at around $300 that does the job right. It’s compact enough to go under your furniture which you’d normally have a hard time reaching your upright vacuum. It’s great at picking up food crumbs, litter crystals, and pet hairs. And although it doesn’t have app control and WiFi connectivity, the unit is supplied with a remote which you can use for scheduling cleaning times.


  • Extremely quiet
  • Compact
  • Affordable
  • Decent battery life
  • Powerful cleaning performance


  • No app control or Wifi
  • It doesn’t have virtual barriers
  • Scheduling options are limited

2. iRobot Roomba 690

At $300, the iRobot Roomba 690 has powerful suction and works well on carpets and hardwood floors, but not at picking up pet hairs. It comes with Dirt Direct, AeroVac, and rubber carpet agitator, as well as other features that you can get from iRobot’s more expensive robovacs.

The robot will start cleaning on its own once you’ve set it up. However, you do have an option to control the robot conveniently on your smartphone app or use it to schedule its cleaning times wherever you are. 


  • Reasonably priced
  • Powerful suction
  • Easy to set-up and use
  • It can maneuver well in tight spaces
  • You can control it via a smartphone app
  • Compatible with Google Assistant and Alexa


  • A little loud
  • You may have issues with its navigation on dark flooring

4. iRobot Roomba i7+

iRobot revolutionizes the robot vacuum game by offering a model with a capability to empty its own dustbin. The iRobot Roomba i7+ is a powerful vacuum with a Clean Base Automatic Dirt Disposal. It sucks and picks up dust and debris that gets in its way. It can handle as much as 30 bins of dirt. It will then store them all in its filter bag to ensure nothing will escape into the air of your home when you need to change its bag. The impressive robovac has a steep price tag at $950, but it’s worth the investment if you have the budget.


  • Dustbin is self-emptying
  • Its camera-based navigation is superb
  • Multistory mapping
  • Automatic room recall
  • Compatible with Google Assistant and Alexa


  • A bit noisy
  • Expensive
  • Clean base is on the bulky side

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