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Apps To Make Money Online For Freelancers And Influencers 2019


Freelancing is a wonderful way to earn money. You get to work at your own schedule and with whoever you are comfortable with. You are not bound by any contract and can switch bosses upon completing a project.

Despite the many benefits it offers, freelancing does not offer any stable income. This means you have to keep on looking for work opportunities. It is the person who has more contacts and knows more people who end up receiving more freelance work opportunities. This means that you have to build, and have a network of feasible contacts, you can rely on for more work when you need it.

Influencers Need To Know Their Followers

Influencers work at creating brand awareness amongst their followers and earn money through it. They can influence their followers best by connecting with them, like through their social media and videos.

The problem, however, is that there are so many influencers producing videos that they face stiff competition in getting their videos seen, and earn money through them. There are however some tips, and an app to use to stand out of the crowd and get more recognition.

The most important tip to remember is to create YouTube videos based on their monetization guidelines. While you may still broadcast your video, you will have to turn off the ads for the video if you do not follow their guidelines. So you lose out on earning money through the ads.

You need to have at least 1000 subscribers, and 4,000 watch hours in a 12 month period to monetize YouTube by qualifying for Google AdSense. In short, you need to have as many people subscribing to, and watching your videos to start earning money through it.

You can also monetize your YouTube channel by using it to sell your merchandise like t-shirts or caps or some artwork. Remember, however you plan to monetize your YouTube channel, you can succeed only if you build a good relationship with your followers. This, in turn, means you have to be easily accessible to them, like over the phone.

How An App Can Help

 How An App Can Help

If you wonder how you can get more subscribers, and relate with them, it’s possible in two ways. The first option is through killer content containing relevant keywords that help drive traffic to your channel and videos.

You can secondly use the help of the on-demand consultation app Callmart. A listing here gives you an opportunity to personally reach out to your followers over the phone.

You can explain your product, or if you are an influencer in perhaps the weight loss or fitness fields, you could perhaps give them some fitness tips over the phone.

With your listing reaching international audiences it helps you reach out to, and gain more followers. If you wonder how you can let your followers know about your listing, it’s best done sharing your URL on top social media networks.

The app lets you define the rate per minute your followers spend on phone calls to talk to you for a consultation and work at home. To make things even better, you needn’t worry about payment at all. You are paid immediately, as soon as the call has ended.

Freelancers And Callmart

As mentioned earlier, freelancers need to have a wide network to ensure they have worked all the time. They do not work on a monthly contract, so they have to have a network they can back on for regular and continual work.

If you are a freelance artist or photographer, then you could also use the help of YouTube videos to reach out to potential customers. You can display your art and photographs on the video to convince them more about your skills.

You can also create an ad of you repairing roofs, trimming the lawn or performing any other skill you may have to show others how competent you are at your work.

You can then use the app to reach out to people who show interest in your work and skill. In the case of freelance tutors and translators, you can actually instantly translate sentences or words for your customers over the phone.

You will anyway be paid for this service. Freelance tutors, especially English tutors can teach their students not only grammar but also the correct pronunciation of words over the phone.

The sky’s the limit if you wonder how this money app can help freelancers and influencers. As long as you register yourself and publish your URL on popular social media sites, you are sure to reach out to maximum potential customers to make money online.

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