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How Technology is Changing the Construction Business


Every day, we take a step closer to flying cars and lightsabers in mass use (hopefully), but until then, we can see how technology is shaping both our personal and work lives. Every new innovation or trend sets us up for a big change. Some of those changes come quickly while others take time to fully integrate themselves into our society.

When it comes to the construction business, it seems that there is little technology can do to overhaul the industry. Sure, there are constant improvements in the tools but at the end of the day, it’s still the same. Lay the foundation, put up the frame, finish the inside and outside and then move on to the next project.

Technology has left no stone unturned, even construction. Here are some of the cool and interesting ways technology has weaved itself into this timeless industry.


Construction sites are like traffic jams. One person slams on their breaks five miles away and it later causes a ripple effect all up and down the interstate. The same principle applies to construction. The drywall guy is delayed, which delays the flooring team, which delays another part and so on and so forth. Even a delay of five minutes can add up to projects being pushed back and delayed meaning what was supposed to be finished by the end of July will now be finished in the middle of August.

Automation is helping workers cut out those delays and time of inactivity. Programs and apps will notify all workers of a potential delay so they can move onto something else and get it finished. Schedules can be updated on the fly, meaning workers aren’t left with nothing to do.

Progress Sharing

If you’ve ever used something like Google Drive or G Suite, you know you can send documents to other people and have them edit it freely.

There are plenty of programs that let everyone involved, from the foreman to the workers to the front office, check progress. Everyone working is able to check the progress of work in real-time, instead of having to make various calls and visits to see first-hand. This way, everyone can be on the same page, literally. 

Virtual Reality

Virtual reality is being used as a training and safety method for workers all around the country. In order to make sure everyone is up to date with the latest safety codes and regulations, workers can train and get a view of what they need to do easily and in close to real-time as possible. 

Workers can train in small spaces or what to do when certain problems arise. VR has been used to train plenty of professions in the past and it makes sense that construction would be the next logical step. 

Sharing is Caring

Everyone is familiar with ride-sharing apps like Uber and Lyft, but did you know there are also options for construction businesses? You won’t be calling a cement truck with an application, but you still can jump on the trend. Your business doesn’t have to be limited to long-term vehicle rentals and also tools and certain pieces of equipment. 

Although it’s not a big “tech” trend, it’s another way that modern society and innovations have had a big influence on the construction industry. 

Incoming Drones

Drones are becoming indispensable in the construction industry, and their role will certainly continue to grow over the coming years. Nothing can offer a bird’s eye view of the property quite like a drone can.

They can scout out certain areas that are hard to reach and is much better than using a helicopter, which is expensive and quite loud. In addition, they can provide a live feed to those who are not present at the site. 

Social Media

While you may not think of a construction page having the best options for social media, it’s a great way to interact with potential clients and show progress updates. 

With so many people browsing social media at any given moment, it’s one way to interact and find new business. Making a social media page is completely free and promoting your page for better visibility is much cheaper than traditional advertising. 

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