How Technology Has Changed And Still Stayed The Same


Over the years, nothing has changed the way people live and do things more than technology. But, in spite of the many advancements of technology, people have essentially stayed the same. Human nature remains to be the driver of how technology evolves, and as is often said about technology, it’s only as good as the person who uses it. 

The truth is, technology isn’t a game-changer, it’s an amplifier. It gets things done faster. As humans, we look more visible and are more noticeable.

When people think about advancements in technology, it’s often related to the big milestones – artificial intelligence, 5G, cybersecurity. But, what’s often overlooked are even the smallest, everyday things that have enjoyed an upgrade or two thanks to new discoveries in IT. 

Here are some unusual technology advancements that kept things the same way, just better:

Reliable Timepieces

A watch is simple – it’s a device to wear on the wrist meant to tell time. However, while the purpose of a watch never changed, the technology behind these devices has advanced by leaps and bounds. There were some quirky additions like an old-school calculator watch, but on the whole, watches have maintained their timeless appearance powered by tiny efficient machines. Be they windup watches, quartz watches, or perpetual movement innovation, the technology behind watches is what will keep you happy for years to come.


With laptops and smartphones getting more efficient and necessary, it’s rare to find a need for pen and paper. However, many still look for that tactile experience of writing down notes. The problem lies behind storing these notes – nobody has space anymore to keep piles and piles of notebooks and pore through hundreds of pages just to find information. Enter the smart notebooks – a digital smartpen paired with a paper tablet that records every stroke. These smart notebooks digitize notes, transferring written text or graphics to the screen via an app.


A game of golf has not evolved much throughout the years, but how to win a game has definitely received an upgrade. Aside from skill, experience, and even the kind of golf clubs used, accurately measuring distance and range has come a long way. Of course, the more experienced one is the better he becomes good at estimating measurements. For beginners or simple golf enthusiasts, one device makes all the difference – a golf rangefinder. There are different types of rangefinders, but there’ll always be one for specific needs and budgets like these options.


This may be going a little overboard, but nobody enjoys a cold cup of coffee left unattended for hours. While electric coasters have become a thing, new inventions take it a step further – the smart mug. These new smart mugs can be controlled through a smartphone app. You can determine the exact temperature you want your hot beverage to be in, and keep it that way the whole day on a charging plate or for an hour if you’re on the move.


A lamp is simple – turn it on, and it lights up a room. With the way light affects people’s moods and productivity, it’s inevitable that lamps get a quirky upgrade, too. The newest lamp technology created the light therapy lamp, taking “dimmable” to a whole new level. It uses light therapy to mimic actual daylight and has built-in sensors to measure the room’s temperature, noise, and humidity level. Some therapy lamps also have built-in alarm clocks to simulate a sunrise when the alarm goes off.

Exercise Bikes

It’s a simple concept – a bike people can use indoors to keep their exercise routines going. But, even this simple equipment has advanced so much, thanks to companies like Peloton. Now, smart bikes are Internet-connected with built-in monitors to follow routines or watch movies and videos while exercising. Most of these smart bikes come with subscriptions for high-energy classes and sessions with trainers.

While technology is all around us, it’s still up to people how they want to use it to their advantage. From small developments to earth-shattering innovations, technology is the enabler for anyone to do things better and smarter. It all boils down to how resourceful you are and what you choose to do with the tools at your disposal.

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