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What You Can Expect When You Visit a Holistic Dentist for the First Time


Alternative medical treatments, including dental care, have become increasingly popular. Holistic dentists use unconventional methods to treat teeth. For example, while conventional dentists consider root canal the ideal treatment option, believes root canals lead to the spread of trapped dental bacteria, which is harmful to the overall health of the patient. Instead of a root canal, a holistic dentist may opt for homeopathy, ozone, or laser therapy. 

A Test To Confirm Compatibility To The Dental Materials

Holistic dentists are concerned about the impact of dental treatment on the health of patients. This is why most holistic dentists discuss the treatment options available to determine the materials to be used on you. It is also good practice to discuss treatment with the patient before they get comfortable in the dentist’s chair, and in case the patient is unable to pay what the insurance did not cover.

A sophisticated electromagnetic method is used to analyze your potential reaction to samples of dental materials. This is a pain-free process which will guide the holistic dentist on the materials to use, and the ones to avoid. 

In-depth Discussions On How To Protect Your Tooth

In-depth Discussions On How To Protect Your Tooth

Holistic dentists are not just concerned about giving a solution for your dental problems, they are also worried about your overall well-being. Expect discussions to centre around your diet and appropriate nutrition necessary for excellent oral health.

Whereas when your regular dentist gives you a guide on oral care, the focus is usually on how to brush and floss your teeth. A holistic dentist will discuss everything that affects your oral health. For example, a holistic doctor looks at habits, such as smoking and drinking, and the impact these habits have on your teeth.

Mercury-free Treatments

For years, dentists used mercury fillings on teeth with cavities. Scientific research has shown that having mercury fillings in your mouth can lead to neurological, psychological, and immunological problems. If you have mercury fillings, small amounts of toxic vapour are released to your body whenever you eat, clench your jaws, or brush your teeth. 

Some dentists have argued that the level of mercury in these fillings is too low to cause any damage. Holistic dentists believe that the risk is not worth using mercury fillings. If this is your first visit to a holistic dentist, you will find alternatives to mercury fillings. 

Expect Minimally Invasive Dentistry

Expect Minimally Invasive Dentistry

While drill and fill strategy is what many conventional dentists embrace, holistic dentistry looks at other possible alternatives that don’t involve extensive drilling. Natural dentists prefer to  preserve the natural tooth structure and the surrounding tissue as much as possible. Some of the other options for drilling include laser therapy, ozone therapy, and air abrasion. 

Safe Equipment

During your first visit to a holistic dentist, you’ll discover your safety is a priority. Before using any dental equipment, holistic dentists want to find out possible negative effects it will have on the patient’s health. 

An example is the x-ray machine, which is excellent for detecting dental problems, especially in the early stages. Holistic dentists worry about the level of radiation exposure from conventional x-rays. They instead use digital x-rays, which are safer, with about 80-90% less radiation than traditional x-ray machines. The technology in digital x-rays is also superior. 

Your teeth and gums are critical for your well-being. Holistic dentists like Dr. Jennifer Silver in Macleod trail dental are great because they take a whole-body approach when recommending treatments for your dental problems. This is done to ensure none of the treatment options does not compromise your well-being.

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