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How High Tech and Low Tech Can Help You Feel Rejuvenated


Phone screens emit blue light, which can make it difficult to sleep

We all know the feeling; you’ve had a long, hard day at work and you come home feeling exhausted. It can make it really difficult to want to spend quality time with your loved ones, which in turn leaves you feeling even more down. In this modern world it’s increasingly important to make time to look after yourself. Whether you’re a self confessed technophobe, or you hop straight onto the latest gadget time after time, here are some tips to help you feel truly rejuvenated.

Take Up a Sport

One of the best ways to release some endorphins is to get exercising. It can be tricky sometimes to feel the motivation to get to the gym, but it’s an awful lot easier to find it if you’ve got a team relying on you. Basketball is often a mixed gender sport at the very novice levels, so it can be a great one to take up with a friend or partner. Whilst it’s important to keep in mind that you’re not playing for the LA Clippers and setting out to win the Western conference, it’s good to get your head in the game. Basketball is a full body workout and cooperating with a team will leave your head feeling clear and your heart rejuvenated. Make sure you’re playing competitively without ostracising your other team mates.

If basketball doesn’t float your boat, then there are plenty of other options to try. Ice hockey is a fun, fast paced sport for those who are blessed with an ice rink nearby. If you only have a small patch of grass then hark back to the days of your youth and see if you can organise a five a side football tournament once a week on the green! 

Embrace Tech or Let it Go

Many people sing the praises of banning yourself from all screens for around two hours before bed time and, much as this has been proven time and time again to improve your quality of sleep, it’s just not possible for some of us. If you must have your screen time then a really simple tip is to ensure that whichever screen you’re using has a blue light filter. This can be as simple as switching to ‘night mode’ on an Apple handset, or if you’re working on a computer screen, downloading an app called Flux. Flux warms the tones of your computer screen to mimic artificial light rather than sunlight, which helps your brain ready itself for bed time. 

Relax with a Bath

Relax with a Bath

Caption: Something as simple as petals in the bath can make you feel thoroughly spoiled

Some people are far too quick to assume that essential oils are something that only old women and hippies use, but they’d be wrong. We’ve known for millennia of the beneficial properties of plants, so it’s high time we embraced them again. Lavender is known to reduce heart rate (perfect for relaxing in the evenings) whilst camomile buds and rose petals also help our bodies to relax. Citrus oils are invigorating, so are great dropped into the shower to wake you up and a branch of eucalyptus hung near your shower head will release a dreamy scent when it gets warmed. Whichever oil you decide to choose, pair it with a scented candle and some dimmed lights; you’ll feel like you’re really treating yourself. Even the work hard, play hard gang would be hard pushed not to enjoy a little TLC

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