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Google Updates 2020 – Things You Need To Know

google updates 2020

During the pandemic time, Google has updated its 2nd core update in the month of May 2020. Danny Sullivan confirmed that they are rolling out their second core algorithm update this year. There will be nothing entertaining but facts.

If we talk about the first core update that was released in January, The world, and search, has witnessed some drastic changes since that time. It took almost two weeks to roll out fully. But now, you will find the latest and new Google updates 2020 that appear to be a big one and best in all. It is available with the world’s volatility skyrocketing.

The first core update that was released in January led to only average volatility of 8 points. Still, here in the update of May, you will find almost six categories that showed peaking volatility rates from 9 to 9.4 rates. That means it appears to be more durable and influencing more SERPS and position.

Google Updates 2020 Observation

  1. Their observation includes that thin content powered by external factors losing
  2. They find local SERPS in significant flux
  3. Winning of aggregators and directories
  4. SERPS features

According to the Sistrix, German health-related sites are top losers, and music-related sites are leading in the UK. There are top winners and losers sites that include:

Who is Affected by the Google Updates 2020?

According to the research, there are many fluctuations in local type search results. You may have heard that there has been a lot of volatility in the local search results lately. But since April 2020, there are good visual shows found.

Is There Any COVID-19 Effect on Google Algorithm

COVID-19 Effect on Google Algorithm
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According to studies, it sounds reasonable that COVID-19 has affected some part of Google’s algorithm that determines what people want to see when they make a search query. No Doubt, the pandemic has definitely changed it.

Many people have noticed that some sites with actual brands that have been around having gained, while less branded sites have lost.

What About Updates Target

It is something really necessary to understand that Google generally updates not target a specific industry. Google has an established, recent history of rolling out broad core updates that affect factors such as understanding user search intent and understanding the basics of what web pages are about and how those pages are relevant to search queries.

For example, if a medical-related site includes content with homemade or natural remedies in it, and still gets negative points, that means there should be a change in understanding search intent.

Moreover, links related factors are also taking an active part in it and also found in recent Google updates 2020. It means Google is allowing some of the sites to use no-follow links for ranking purposes.

Does Google Update Focus on Quality?

The answer is quite simple. Google doesn’t rank web pages that are high in quality, but it should be relevant. But they will definitely see a variety of websites. If it is not good, then they may stop working on it.

Who is Winning the MAY 2020 Core Update

google updates 2020
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It is sometimes difficult to spot some ranking sites once core updates get fully rolled out. During the time of the pandemic, people may get queries while searching for travel and tourism and some live event. This is the reason why many websites are already impacted. The rapid growth of Corona cases has disturbed many of the businesses and still is not controlled.

But with the help of SEMRush, they have found an average volatility value seven days before and two days after the Update announcement. And, the most influenced categories are Travel, Real Estate, Health, Pets & Animals, and People & Society. This is true across both desktop and mobile searches.

During this time, Google has found many websites with the excellent domain are poorly affected, and some of them include sites with traffic exceeding 1 million monthly visitors.

It has also been decided that the winning sites will also be rewarded with best as they have worked well during the quarantine.

Winner Sites

  • Carbuyer.co.uk 90.09%
  • Businesswire.com 60.72%
  • Topgear.com 85.59%
  • People.com 75.64%
  • News-medical.net 116.27%

Who is Losing the MAY 2020 Core Update

Of course, the entertainment industry has got a big loss. It was sadly said that people are not searching for such entertaining things because they are isolated in this period of time.

Loser Sites

  • Huffpost.com -33.06%
  • Allmusic.com -39.03%
  • Last.fm -38.03%
  • NYPost.com -36.21%
  • WordPress.org -33.84%

Status of LinkedIn

LinkedIn was a very connecting tool for employees. But it has been disappeared from the SERPS. And it is a big loss. “LinkedIn has blocked itself from Google.”

What’s Next?

google updates 2020
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Google is always sharing their guidelines with us. So, what you have to do is read them thoroughly and work according to it.

  1. You need to improve the quality of the content. Google stated about core updates, “They are designed to ensure that overall; we are delivering on our mission to present relevant and authoritative content to searchers.”
  2. Make sure your content is authoritative, helpful to users, formatted in a way that SEO looks for, without any grammar, and plagiarism mistakes. Moreover, it should be perfect in the presentation so that you can inspire readers to read it.
  3. Keep in mind, content should be better than the industry-standard, talk about facts and figures, and it should be clear and able to answer the query.
  4. Follow the guidelines thoroughly to stay safe in the eyes of Google. Check if you have found changes in your website to see how your site is working.


If you haven’t found any update, then don’t worry, keep trying to get a good result and get ranking on Google.  Keep an eye on the winner’s site to be a competitor of that website. Learn from their tricks and tactics for your future achievement. So, let’s continue with your work and keep in mind the Google updates 2020.

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