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Secure your family by Family Orbit Android App


Nowadays, families have such a busy routine and are not connected to how they used to. There is one easy way for parents to stay connected with their connected with just a single click. Family orbit is an application that is made for both Android and iOS by which you can easily track what your family is up to. Now with just installing a simple mobile App, you can use all the features to connect with your members. If you use a Basic plan, you will be connected with 3 family members but a premium plan will have more features to stay in touch with 10 members.

Some of the Features of Family Orbit

  • Family Orbit App was created so that each member of a family feels safe and secure no matter where they are located
  • The locations of each member show up on a real-time map. This map gets up to date every time a location is changed
  • In case of panic, any member can send out an alert which will be received by all other members. You will also get to know who is closest to them so can reach early.
  • You will also receive an alert whenever a member goes to any specific location
  • Parents can easily monitor the speed of car their kids have while driving and even put a limit on it
  • On the premium plan, you can monitor all the pictures taken and contacts book scrutinized
  • You can also access a location history of 7 days

Family Orbit android app can be easily downloaded on Apple’s iOS or Android. You can purchase a basic free plan to test out the services, and then buy a premium plan which costs 4.95 dollars each month and stay connected with 10 members of you are family. Visit the website to know more about the plans.

How to download with Application on my Android phone

Step 1 : Create an account either on Family orbit’s website or Mobile App

Step 2 : Install Family Orbit on all your family member’s phone and connect them with your account

Step 3 : Now supervise your children’s activities with a Parental Control App

You should have ‘unknown sources’ enabled on your phone. Open chrome in your phone and add this link: As you open this URL, the installation will start. After installation is done, you can now disable ‘unknown sources’.

What Monitoring Features does with App have?

Parents are continuously worried about their child’s safety these days. Through Family Orbit android app, you can easily keep an eye on your kids and make sure you are updated with their location and activities. The Parental Control App will allow you to take a look at and even manage your kids’ phone, no matter where you are. Simply, just sign up for this app and add whichever family member you want to in your list. There are a few things you can do with Family orbit App easily:

Track the Current GPS Location

Every phone has an in-built GPS system, which is tracked can tell the exact location of the person. By this feature, you can easily know where your kid is right now. If you have a premium plan, you can even check the location history of the past 7 days.

2. Keep an eye on Text and Call activities of your family

By the help of Family Orbit android app, you can easily view your children’s text messages. As your children are growing up, it is very important for the parents to keep an eye on them. Being strict is necessary, but one should also have a communication. You should allow your kids to communicate with friends, but keep an eye on what they are doing. In this digital age, it is important to have the necessary tools and instruments to keep up with the latest innovations.

With parental control app, you can easily overview who your kid is calling or texting. Simply just log into your application and check whenever you feel like.

3. Overview calendar and Contacts

It is necessary to take a peek into who your kid is in contact with. The contact list is a very important place and so is the calendar. A calendar tells about the events which are coming up and when they are coming up also. By the help of Family orbit, you can easily view your children’s contacts and the events.

4. Ensure protection on Pictures

The new generation is all about pictures and videos. They love taking selfies regularly. By keeping an eye on their pictures record, one can know where they went and who they met or not. Sometimes, kids might take a photo which may have a negative impact on their future. As a parent, you have the authority to check it and even delete if necessary. Parental Control Application will give you enough power so that you can easily monitor each picture or video, see the full version and know who hangs out with your kid.

5. Check the usage of Mobile Data

To keep your bills in check, you might need to regularly get an idea of how much data is being used by your kids.

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