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Fallout 76: Everything You Need To Know

Fallout 76

Released by Bethesda, Fallout 76 has untold drama and many controversies in store for its players. The game has been designed differently and the major emphasis they have put is in the areas of craft and survival, instead of open world narration and decision making. The results aren’t as expected but the main question here is – Is the game worth playing! Let’s see the merits and demerits of the game in detail.


Fallout 76 is an open world RPG and it has a huge map to explore. In the very beginning, you will emerge from Vault 76 into a rather calm forest and later explore dangerous areas of the irradiated wasteland. There is a part in the game which is very appealing with pink-red fields, called the Cranberry Bog, but as you come closer to it, you get to know how dangerous it is with alien forests, trenches and various horrors of the irradiated wasteland. You have to follow journals to stop a plague from spreading, which actually feels like you’re chasing some ghost. The main attraction of the game is its storytelling via the environment. You can find skeletons holding a bottle of wine or flowers or some stuffed teddy, which tells you that they turned into ashes before saying their heart out. Just explore ordering it with available AliExpress Offers Coupons available to buy online at best rates.

The art and lighting of the game set the tone of a ruined Appalachia, but objects in the game, like, shrubs, buildings, trees, cars etc look less detailed. The character animations aren’t very pleasing either. Only from some specific angles, the game looks good enough. All this won’t get in way of the beautiful sceneries of the Appalachia, which are eerily designed. The landscapes and vast map keeps a player busy exploring and finding intriguing quests.

The narrative of the game is nothing but some journals being read and heading from one place to another to scavenge and hunt. The survival of the game is interesting. Mechanics that are included in survival are hydration, starvation and being disease free. It might seem intriguing to some players but to those who were looking for the kind of games Fallout usually makes, it might come as a disappointment. Being in a sight that might be fun, you will have to hurry to find your meal or boil water so that you don’t get dehydrated. Such things might annoy some players.

You will be collecting resources from all over the wasteland and can improve your armor and weapons. A convenience added is that you can pick up your base and drop it in some new region. This makes those survival mechanics a bit bearable. A portable camp is a great addition to the game. You are even given a budget and can choose different types of camps. From just a workbench and stash with no walls to a house with lights, beds, cola machines, and chairs, you can go for a variety of them.


The multiplayer feature allows you to play with your friends. You can team up with your group and fight enemies together. Though a fun game to play, for their narratives’ sake, they have removed several NPCs. Radio broadcasts and AI tell you about the things going on in the game. You will find ghouls, insects, mutants and weird animals. There is a nuclear weapon option at some place in the map as well. There are cash shops are well that sell items like armor skin. You can also spend your money in the storefront and buy cool gadgets. You can also try out finding best prices for latest online games with Tata Cliq Coupons.


The multiplayer is worth playing and really fun. Despite the many bugs the game includes, it’s unpredictability and sceneries make it a good choice. Fallout 76’s excessive survival is sometimes annoying but its greatest feature, a portable camp, is totally worth it. The story and graphics aren’t very pleasing and Bethesda didn’t come up to the mark with Fallout 76. Now let’s talk about the availability of the game. It will be compatible with Xbox One, PS4, and PC.

For those players who easily get annoyed by maintaining their food and water storage again and again to survive should not play this game. On the other hand, multiplayer preferring players should surely give it a shot.

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