Facebook has undeniably one of the hottest social networks recently. One of its features Facebook Messenger attracts more than 800 million monthly active users.  With these awesome features, there’s a lot more you can do than just simply chatting. If you are a frequent Facebook user, do not miss 10 hidden Facebook Messenger tricks that help you make the use of Messenger.

1. There is a website version of the standalone Messenger app.

The web platform can be found at This is separated from the rest of the social network and it shares the same basic look as the Messenger mobile app. Like the mobile app, the web version is built to support Facebook users to gain experiences of chatting with others without being interfered by notifications, the News Feed, Timelines and so forth.

“Today, we’re launching Messenger for web browsers — a standalone web chat product accessible via,” Facebook told VentureBeat. “Once logged in, people can dive directly into a dedicated desktop messaging experience, keeping their conversations going and picking up where they left off”.

However, the company now has no plans to divide Facebook web platform into two, which means that Facebookers can still use the standard Facebook messenger or download the new app.

2. Use Messenger without a Facebook account

All you need now is a phone number to gain access to Messenger and its features.

Firstly, download the Facebook Messenger app and select “Not on Facebook”. Then, enter your phone number and name. And that is how you open up the brand new chance to freely chat with friends without purchasing an Account on Facebook. What is more, you can upload and send photos, videos and set group chats and use voice and video calling. But anyway, you will not lose anything if you have a Facebook account. Actually, it takes you some time to sign up for a new account but you still gain some benefits such as viewing past messages and having access to multi-device messaging.

3. Request an Uber ride

One more feature in the list of Facebook Messenger tricks you should not miss is to summon an Uber ride without leaving the app.

With Messenger’s the latest version, all you need to do is to tap “More” in a conversation and select “transportation”. Then you will be offered the updates about your driver’s status, notify friends, track the ride and pay for it.

“With this new feature, you can request a ride from a car service without ever needing to download an extra app or leave a conversation,” Rosenberg said in a blog post.”It’s super easy and doesn’t take you away from the plans that you’re making with your friends or family.”

4. Pin a group conversation

If you chat with the same group of people all the time, you can pin the conversation so you will not waste your time scrolling up and down to get back to your group.

Firstly, launch the app and slide to the Group tab. Then, touch “Create new group”: you are led to a new page where you can set up the new group.

Select people you would like to add into your new group. Moreover, you can choose a name and add a photo as the avatar for your group. This picture can be selected from your own photo apps or it can be taken directly by simply tapping the camera button.

5. Mute notifications

When you are in a conversation, especially the important one, you are not keen on being distracted by the sound of notifications. Good news for you: this is no longer a problem of concern as you are allowed to turn off the notifications both on iOS and Android.

On iOS, Go to Settings -> Notification Center-> Messenger -> select how these kinds of notifications will appear.

On Android’s side, go to Settings menu -> Messenger -> uncheck “show notifications” box.

This, however, cannot help you to get rid of the chat heads which are taking over your screen when someone pings you. To turn off this distraction, you have to open Messenger’s settings -> Notifications -> Chat Heads-> select Off

Notifications still appear in the messages tab in the main Facebook app without making any noise.

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6. Friend-To-Friend Payments through messages

Leaving Facebook app and opening another app such as PayPal or Venmo to send money is not Facebook’s business expectation. And now Facebook releases a new payment feature for Facebook Messenger, which is one of the most impressive Facebook Messenger tricks. This feature allows you to connect your Visa or Mastercard debit card and here is what you need to do to send money:

  1. Open a chat
  2. Click $ button and enter the amount of money you would like to send
  3. Click Next to add your debit card
  4. Click Pay

In case you receive money from someone:

  1. open the chat containing the money
  2. click Add card and add your debit card to receive money

Remember that your ban may take up to 3 business days to make the money available to you.

7. Instant photo sharing by facial recognition

If you are a Facebooker, you will know that the facial recognition feature enables you to promptly tag a friend when you upload an image. Similarly, this new Photo Magic function will check your photos and recommend people you might want to share pictures with by identifying your friends’ faces if they are there in your pictures. Once the app recognizes various friends in your photos, it will open a chat thread with people who are involved.

To enable this feature:

  1. click the settings gear icon on the bottom right
  2. select Photos & Media and then Photo Magic
  3. Switch the toggle on.

8. Send your location

That you have to leave a conversation to check the map on Google or other search engines is a normal sign to Facebook. That is why Facebook releases one more feature that prolongs the list of Facebook Messenger Tricks. Now you can send your current location in Messenger to let your family, friends and acquaintances know where you are at the moment. This is how you enable this feature:

  1. Open a conversation
  2. Tap on the “ More” icon
  3. Tap Location. You will see the blue circle at your current location
  4. Tap Send in the upper- right- corner

Of course, you first need to activate location services to give the Facebook Messenger app permission to gain access to your location:

Go to Settings -> Privacy -> Location Services -> search Facebook Messenger and select While Using the App

9. Send GIF

1. Download the Giphy for Messenger app: You can download it from the App Store for iPhones and Google Play store for Android Phones.

2. Open a chat and tap the GIF icon

3. Select the image you would like to send by tapping twice on it

10. Customize your message with colors and emojis

Messenger is not just about chatting but more a lively place which now can be customizable

Once you’re in a conversation, hit your friend’s name at the top of the screen, and you’ll see options for nicknames, color and emoji. Some of emoji and stickers will come with animation if you send a snowman or Christmas tree.

You can be surprised to know that these freaking awesome facebook messenger tricks still exist whether you know its existence or not. Now you realize how amazing these tricks can be, why not trying them all?

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