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The Evolution Of Vaping Technologies?


Vaping seems to be quite a new thing in comparison to cigarettes, which has roots back to the depths of unrecorded time. The history of vaping culture appears to be young if we compare it to cigarettes or hookahs – the last widely used in the East. It is continuously developing even now, and we see more and more news on the vaping market every day. New vape shops are being open every day. A considerable amount of new vapers appears every day.

However, can we call vaping technologies utterly green on the market? The development of the range of modern devices that vapers use now has taken some time. As any usual thing that we use in our everyday routine, e-cigarettes and vapes have to undergo some periods of being adored and being frowned upon and – the last, but never least – the period of being accepted as something usual and straightforward. In vapes are not quite fortunate, they will go through one more life cycle – the period of neglect. This might happen if the society develops something more convenient or cheaper with the same function.



They say that not knowing our history brings us nowhere in the future. It is not this critical in terms of vaping, but, in any case, it is interesting to compare your experience to the one people had decades ago. So, what is the ancestor of a modern vape and box mod? The very first device was strongly cigarette-like; the main difference was in weight and size. These devices became a basic layout for the great industry to follow. The very first e-cigarettes were something far from modern vapingdaily vape mods, and the most exciting function for that time was the ability to recharge the device, though there existed some disposable e-cigs too. The main drawback was the lack of flavor options, lack of the ability to customize the device for user’s personal needs, and comparatively short battery life. However, even taking into consideration the disadvantages and risks of the first e-cigs, they became a significant step into the evolution of vaping devices.


Having understood that customers ask for the ability to make their vaping activity more convenient, the developers started thinking of how to provide vapers with the ability to customize the device. The solution to the problem was found by trials and experiments. This solution provided people with the ability to control the vapor, which in turn has become more of higher quality by adjusting the voltage. In terms of the outer look, devices became bigger, although most of them still looked like a cigarette, or were simply pen-like. The devices of the 2nd generation were 99 percent rechargeable, and the life expectancy of the battery was somehow extended.


Having solved (more or less) the problem of customization, developers understood that the style of the cigarette is also essential. That means that vapes and box mods have become something more than just the way to inhale the vapor, they have gained a new function – to decorate. Box mods also function as accessories now. As some parts are easy to remove and change, you might change your vape according to the event you are visiting: black and white for a rubber chicken dinner, or glossy neon-like bright green for a flashy party. At the same time, the idea of customization was not forgotten. The ability to control your vaping sessions throughout controlling wattage, voltage, temperature, ohms, and airflow, increases the rate of the device. The electronic displays help to change the parameters named before, e.g., to make the wattage higher or set a certain temperature. The only drawback is that the electronic stuffing costs money. Therefore the best vape mods cost an arm and a leg.



The earliest mentioning of the device, which would be suitable for heating the substance using electricity to get vapor for inhalation, goes back to 1927. The author of the idea was Joseph Robinson. The idea was far from the modern vapes; it was more about the system that some devices would provide vapor by using the electricity.

  • 2003: NOBLE CAUSES

Hon Lik, the Chinese pharmacist, became the father of modern e-cigarettes in 2003. His idea of creating an e-cig was not about the technology, but about the medicine. He thought his invention would help people in quitting smoking. He tried it for himself, but, unfortunately, the idea failed. Vapes are not bad; they just obtained some new functions, and not all his intentions worked out.

  • 2019+: NEW GOALS

Undoubtedly, the difference between the first e-cig and modern best box mod is striking; but is that the limit? As for now, vapes’ developers are trying to create better models. The issues that are discussed are Bluetooth connection, nickel or titanium wires, illumination, and voice activation. We cannot be quite precious, whether a specific company is trying to make such ideas come true, but the idea of having Bluetooth function is one of the most discussed: it would allow finding your device more comfortable than ever. The attempts to implement new metal means the efforts to make vaping sessions better and longer for customers. Manufacturers are in search of a metal, which would have higher thermal and electrical conductivity, which, in turn, can result in better temperature regulation sensitivity, longer life of coils, and thicker vapor clouds with more flavourful experience for users. The other ideas are also aimed at the prediction and satisfaction of customer’s needs and wishes.

Manufacturers are also perplexed with the idea of being eco-friendly. It is well-known that the vaping industry harshly harms our planet. Therefore, they try to use organic cotton coils (OCC) now, but the idea is to continue broadening the use of eco-friendly stuff for the industry.

The most wonderful thing, though, is that all these ideas might become a reality one day. Therefore, if you have some ideas on how to make the world of vaping better and accelerate their evolution, do not be shy to contribute!

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