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Cheap But Effective Strategies That Can Help to Promote Your Business


Promoting a business may often seem like a costly privilege, reserved only for the big players – the ones that ironically need it the least. However, not all promotional strategies worth pursuing require serious financial investments. Underneath are a few cheap, but effective strategies that can put your business in the public eye, and from there, all you’ll have to do is stay in the public mind by doing what you do best.


Content Marketing

Content marketing has become somewhat of a buzzword, but don’t mistake all the hype for yet another wave of big, empty promises. There’s a reason why content marketing has become so omnipresent, and that reason is it’s cheap and effective. Posting consistently engaging articles on your company’s blog, filled with valuable and reliable information that would otherwise cost money, is bound to earn readers’ trust. In time, this trust morphs into affinity, affinity into loyalty, and ultimately, it earns you customers and revenue.

Not to mention if your blog becomes successful, it can be monetized and turn into another, a separate stream of revenue.

Guest Articles

Getting an article published on a niche website or in an industry magazine, regarded as authorities in your field can be extremely valuable exposure and get some of their shine and reputation to rub off on you.

By contributing to a high-end media which caters to the same target audience as you do, you use the media’s platform to reach potential customers. Even better, you do it in the most inconspicuous way possible – instead of directly promoting yourself, your business, and your interests, which will always evoke at least some level of doubt in your sincerity, you simply share your invaluable expertise. Readers will view you as a thought leader and follow you to your own business.

Buddy Marketing

Buddy marketing may not sound like the most professional promotional strategy, but it’s actually a completely legitimate tactic you shouldn’t dismiss out of pride or fear to look small-time.

Buddy marketing is especially effective when you team up with a business that compliments yours. For example, a pet store and a pet grooming service are a match made in Heaven. It only makes sense for businesses that complement each other to use each other’s client bases to reach new customers.

Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is another modern-day classic, and it became one because it works. You don’t have to make some sweeping social media campaigns to still harness some of these platforms’ powers.

For example, you can find Facebook groups, centered around something your business provides or caters to, and promote your services for free, directly to your target audience.

Custom-Made Stickers

Custom-made stickers are not only cheap but cheap in a charming kind of way, which makes them highly effective. They have a whimsical feel about them, an endearing sense of innocence, like something that has lingered from childhood, and if there is one thing almost everyone has in common, it is nostalgia.

This is why custom sticker printing gets the message across without nearly as much doubt and distrust that other promotional methods carry with it.

Furthermore, stickers are extremely practical as you can put them on all kinds of surfaces where they can attract attention. An interesting tactic, which is actually another cheap and effective promotional strategy in its own right, is putting stickers and other promotional material on your car. This will get lots of eyes on your business – possibly between 30,000 and 70,000 sets of them, according to the Outdoor Advertising Association in America, and it will do so for next to nothing.

Email Marketing

Email marketing, at least some form of it, is practically a must in today’s day and age. Many people even consider it the ultimate form of marketing, and that’s partly because its effects can be truly sweeping, but mostly because it’s highly customizable to different business needs, stages, and capabilities.

Most email management services offer free options for a business that are just starting out and have small email lists. As your email list grows through your other promotional efforts as well, you can upgrade the email service and invest some money, which in turn will grow your email list and make it more lucrative, setting the wheels in motion.

From there, it’s up to you to decide how much efforts you want to invest in email marketing. Whatever you decide though, one thing is for sure – email marketing is a great method for businesses starting out, and even greater for businesses that have taken off.
These are some marketing strategies that revolve more around imaginations, effort, knowledge, and proactivity than they do around money, and this is what makes them not only highly effective but also more rewarding on a personal level.

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