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Here’s How Ecommerce Changes Black Friday Shopping Habits

Here’s How Ecommerce Changes Black Friday Shopping Habits

Technology is a wonderful thing. It allows us to work more efficiently, connect with people all over the world and research information faster than ever. However, it’s not the full scope of capabilities that technological progress has graced us with. Everyday activities like payment by phone or ridesharing would not be possible without the incredible growth of tech. One of the branches of industry that has seen the biggest growth in the last 20 years is ecommerce. In the late 1990’s, only a handful of stores had enough foresight and capital to invest in ecommerce. 

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As the tech became more and more accessible, it also became cheaper which meant that it wasn’t just the early adopters who sold their products online. In 2017, total ecommerce sales amounted to $2,4 trillion, an 18-percent growth compared to the 3% growth of retail sales in general. 

A double-digit growth has become the norm for online shopping in recent years and there are several factors that greatly contribute to such state of affairs. With Black Friday getting closer and closer, it’s a good time to have a quick reminder of all the benefits of online shopping.

Lower Price and the Use of Discount Codes

For most consumers, the situation where the same item is available in two different places and the only difference is the price makes the choice very easy. Online and traditional shopping may not be as similar due to factors such as convenience of purchase and delivery, but online retailers tend to have the advantage in terms of the price.

Another growing trend among online stores is the implementation of discount codes. Instead of organizing sales, the retailers can choose a small range of products and create a special discount that only a small group of customers may be aware of. Where does one search for these codes? Instead of wasting your precious time, just go to https://buykers.com/uk/stores and find promo codes for the store of your choosing there. Black Friday is the perfect time to search for a great deal since that’s when stores reduce prices of a large number of products and offer more coupon codes than during the rest of the year. For the majority of consumers, the financial aspect of shopping will always be one of key factors that influences their shopping habits. However, there are other reasons why ecommerce is growing so rapidly.

Black Friday Doesn’t Have to Mean Standing in Long Lines

Even though technology makes our lives easier by optimizing certain processes, the increased capabilities of our devices also makes us perform more complicated tasks and those take time. In fact, one might argue that time is slowly becoming one of the resources that we need to manage more effectively, both at work and at home. 

There are plenty of solutions that reduce the amount of time required to perform everyday activities and ecommerce is one of them. It aims to eliminate the Black Friday shopping experience of yore: the one where people wait in lines even before the store opens just to save a little bit of money on their purchases. Online shopping takes care of that problem. The convenience factor favours ecommerce almost incomparably. Customers can order products whenever they want and browsing products takes much less time than in the regular store thanks to the option of filtering that brick and mortar stores cannot compare with.

Saving Money, Saving Time – Online Shopping Gets the Job Done

Even when it comes to the most dreadful aspect of purchasing goods on the internet, also known as delivery, there are ways to increase its efficiency and offer cost-effective solutions that won’t be a burden on the customers’ part, neither financial nor time-related. Free shipping is slowly but surely becoming a must-have option for every self-respecting online retailer and the improved efficiency of shipping services means that packages arrive sooner. 

Black Friday is a busy day for retailers and delivery services alike, but this challenge presents an opportunity: find the issues that slow down the process and think of ways to improve them to provide better customer service. And then use technology to implement these changes because that’s what it’s for.

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