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Roger & Out: The 5 Dos and Don’ts of Two-Way Radio Etiquette

radio etiquette

Did you know that there’s a proper and improper way to communicate via radio?

If you begin communicating through the radio but don’t know the proper etiquette, you can end up confusing the other person, losing important information, and more. 

If you want to communicate via radio with no errors, then you need to know the proper radio etiquette. Don’t let one simple mistake lead you down a path of multiple errors. Know how to communicate the right way from the beginning. 

radio etiquette

Continue reading below for all the dos and don’ts. 

The Dos 

A voice comes in over your radio. They state their name and begin to give you information, but before they can finish you press down on your radio to ask a question. Is this proper etiquette?

Here’s what you need to know about good radio etiquette. 

1. Give Your Name

Before sending out your message over the radio, be sure to give your name. Start your conversation by stating your name and the name of the person who the message is for. 

2. Speak Clearly

Speak as clearly as possible when communicating via radio. If you mumble to speak too quickly, the other person might not get your message. This could lead to confusion.

This is true for both wired and No Wires Radio systems. 

3. Know the Terminology

There’s radio terminology just like there’s different terminology used in doctor offices law offices, and more. Know the radio terms before you get on. You need to know what’s being said to you at all times.

4. Have a Clear Mind

When you press down the button on your radio to speak, the other person is exempt from speaking. Because of this, you only want to hold the button down for as long as you need and not a second more. Know what you need to say and how you’ll say it before pressing down on the button.

5. Keep It Short

Radio communication can get fuzzy at times. The less that’s said, the easier it’s to understand. Speak in concise sentences. 

The Don’ts

radio etiquette
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Now that you know how to operate the radio in a correct manner, it’s time to know what not to do. Here’s what you need to know about the don’ts of radio communication.

1. Give Confidential Data

Don’t give confidential data or information over a radio chat. Other people can be listening in to the same channel and gather this information from you. Speak in code if needed.

2. Stop Others While Speaking

Don’t press down on the button while some else is speaking. This will stop you from hearing what’s said, and the other person won’t know you didn’t hear them. Wait until they’re completely done talking. 

3. Speak Without a Pause

It might take some time (a few seconds) for your voice to come through after pressing down on the button. Don’t speak without taking a quick pause after pressing it. 

4. Become Impatient

Communicating via radio can be frustrating at times. It’s not like using a cell phone. Remember to stay calm and don’t become impatient. 

5. Let Emergencies Surprise You

Emergencies can happen at any time. Don’t let them surprise you. If an emergency does happen, know how to respond. 

Wait until everyone is done speaking, then press the button and make it aware that you have an emergency message.

Do You Have Proper Radio Etiquette? 

After reading through this guide, do you have proper radio etiquette? Keep these tips in mind to ensure you do at all times.

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