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Cyprus Top Startups That You Should Know


Although Cyprus is popularly known as “the island of love” due to its beauty and preference by love birds, it still has another side. Business startups have been doing well because of the effort from the government. If you did not know, Cyprus is one of the countries in the EU that puts focus on mutual bilateral business benefits. She also has excellent political stability and startup funding programs. If you have been eyeing Cyprus as a possible hub to launch your business startup, you need to know which ones have been doing well to make your considerations.

Startup Cyprus

This is one of the most successful initiatives in the entire country. Its primary goal is to encourage anyone with a startup idea to come forward and get all of the necessary help including financial assistance and opportunities for mentorship. According to the startup community, anyone can take advantage of this program regardless of the sector they come from.

Teach ‘n Go

As technology changes the way we do things, one of the main fields that are getting these benefits is the education sector. Teachers and tutors want to start their own businesses of tutoring online. Teach ‘n Go is one of the best online business startup opportunities for tutors in Cyprus. It is cloud-based and allows anyone to sign in and manage online classes for their students including billing for the lessons provided. If you have access to the internet, you can take advantage of this online platform to launch your tutoring startup.


Cyprus is the head office of this network that connects people with food producers. Its aim is to bring suppliers together with buyers. Although it is all over Europe, Cyprus is a big beneficiary since the main operations are done from here. If you want to migrate to Cyprus and start a business of supplying food and drink products, it is high time you speak to the One Visa representatives now that Yumbles is here waiting to help you.

For those who are interested in business through the use of social media as a marketing tool, this is the best opportunity. The platform provides tools for startups to take advantage of social media in marketing their business. Being the most popular digital media opportunity, no startup in Cyprus has ever looked back after taking advantage of this opportunity. There are also opportunities for working here as a data mining agent where you will earn money in the process.


Those who are just starting their construction business in Cyprus have all the reason to smile. They can take advantage of this platform by utilizing all the tools that they provide to make it a success. Luckily, it is loaded with many other opportunities for all people to pursue, including the opportunity to hire contractors and buy DIY construction tools. It is a startup program that helps others to achieve their dreams.

These are some of the most successful startups in Cyprus that you can consider. The brainchildren behind them are young and innovative people who are determined to succeed and help others achieve their dreams.

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