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Five Facts About Cutting the Cord, And Why You Should Go for it


Who doesn’t prefer going in for a service that can provide maximum benefits at affordable pricing? The cable or the satellite services had started with such minimal packaging. But gradually, they came up with various packages which meant adding up on the existing cost. At the end of the day, the consumers had to bear the brunt of rising cable prices. To top it all, the customer service provided by these cable companies turned out to be quite frustrating. All of this led to a lot of criticism by the consumers towards the cable companies. Hence many of the consumers considered that it was the right time to cut the cord and move ahead for other options.

For those of you who are still wondering, whether it is surely the right time to cut the cord. We present to you our top 5 facts on why it is necessary to take a decision in cutting the cord.

Rising cable service prices:

At least once in a month, you may receive a call from the cable company mentioning their new packages. These packages are not for free, they would be charged some amount and to top it all you would be also asked to pay additional fees for watching premium channels. By the time you realize, the consumer ends up paying more than hundreds of dollars every month. Today, the viewers are actually paying twice the amount for watching just 15 to 20 channels. This was not the case a decade ago. It is the same content but the prices are being risen every year by adding some of the other channels which the consumer is not even aware of.

Free TV is the new thing in the block:

The number of channels that you would receive depends on the type of antenna and also other factors available in your area. Highline TV provides the best indoor antennas for its consumers. By leveraging the best of technology and research, we bring to you quality antennas.

Not many of them are aware that broadcast television is absolutely free. But to watch the same content, you have to pay a certain amount to the cable service company. Many of them wonder that they would be missing out on their favorite channels when they cut the cord. However, it is not the case. There are a lot of major markets wherein you can receive more than 50 channels absolutely free of cost. Checklist of channels you will be receiving in your area. All of this by just purchasing a TV antenna. TV antennas are the next big thing in the market. They have been in the market for long but gradually consumers are understanding its importance.

The number of channels that you would receive depends on the type of antenna and also other factors available in your area. Highline TV provides the best indoor antennas for its consumers. By leveraging the best of technology and research, we bring to you quality antennas.

Get rid of the hidden fees:

When you are paying your cable bill, do you even carefully look at the distribution of charges? One of the main reasons for the soaring cable prices is the hidden fees that are being added by the companies. With so many add-on fees, it becomes difficult for the consumer to find out what is the actual cable cost package. The consumers tend to lock by the yearly contract laid down by the cable companies. The confusing names mentioned in the bill make it impossible for the consumers to determine the exact rate.

But with TV antennas, it is a one-time investment. There are no hidden costs associated anywhere. All you need to pay is for the purchase of the antenna and you enjoy a lifetime of free broadcast channels that are available in your area.

Quality picture:

Those days are long gone when people who say that cable companies provide the best possible signal. A slight change in the weather and the cable blacks out. Also, the quality of the picture provided by cable companies is compressed. This means that you were watching all the channels in a standard format. However, the same is not the case with TV antennas. You get an uncompressed picture quality which means that you can enjoy certain channels in full high definition format. TV antennas deliver the best possible picture quality and also a reliable signal.

Saving money:

When you cut the cord, you would be shocked at the amount of money you are saving. With cable services, you had to shell out hundreds of dollars every month from your pocket. This money can be used for quality purposes. You could spend it on your favorite hobby, admission to your kids, going for a family vacation and many more. When you ditch the cable TV services, you take the control back in your hands. You save a lot of money since there are no more rentals to be paid. Just pay the one-time cost of the antenna and you can enjoy lifetime, entertainment with varied channels. You get access to some of the top broadcasting networks such as ABC, PBS, CW, Fox and many more.

This is the right time to cut the cord and move in for a TV antenna. At Highline TV we provide the best quality indoor antennas that can provide you access to a number of channels.

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