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Choosing a Website Builder over Custom Web Development

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To launch a website, you can choose to either use a website builder like Shopify or a web designer to create a custom design. If you use a website builder, you are provided with one or many web pages that are pre-designed. So, you need to upload your content and images into these pages.

If you choose custom web development, you have to hire a professional website developer. They are entrusted with the task of designing and building a website from scratch. While a website builder is cost-effective and fast, customized web design is costly, though it will help you launch a one-of-a-kind website. 

Your eCommerce website needs to suit your business needs, keep in mind your target customers, and be profitable. Therefore, you need to choose between a website builder or custom development to create your blog or online store

web development

Which Is A Better Choice For You: A Website Builder Or Custom Web Development?


If you compare the costs of buying a website builder like Wix or Shopify with the costs of getting a designer for customized web design, you will see that the website builder is cheaper in the short-term. Although there might be costs like package upgrades, SSL certificates, and hosting, for a small or medium-sized business, a website builder is still cost-effective. Moreover, your website will share resources with other sites on the same platform. 

A custom web design, on the other hand, is going to be far costlier since it demands greater expertise and time. You have to hire experienced professionals for the job. Also, you need to get support and maintenance for the site, once it is up and running. While a builder is less costly, it lacks customizability and features that web development can offer. If you are looking to build a niche website or one with unique design or features, custom web development might be a better option.


If you are looking for a solution that can help you to create a site in record time, you should opt for a website builder. These builders, like Shopify or Wix, will give you access to pre-designed templates that do not need much customization and are easy to install. 

On the contrary, a custom web design will take much longer to install. You will have to work with web developers to come up with a design from scratch. Also, working with third-party developers or designers might add up costs or create quality issues. So, the end product may not be desirable as you want it to be. Thus, while custom web design can give you more scalability and customizability, these can be achieved with a comprehensive builder like Shopify as well. 


As far as the degree of customizability goes, a web developer and a website builder may differ. With custom web design, the options are naturally more. The site is created from scratch, and you can discuss the features that you want with the web development company. This company will design solutions to fit your needs and come up with a website that can reflect your business properly. 

However, for this, you need to hire exceptional developers. If your developers are not up to mark, your website quality suffers. Thus, you must know what a website builder and a custom web designing company can offer when you plan to create a site for your business. 

To avoid such complications, it is better to use a trustworthy website builder that provides good customizability, scalability, and maintenance. Shopify is one such platform that is the preferred choice for most companies. 

The Final Verdict

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Do-it-yourself builders can help you if you are a beginner and keen to create a visually-attractive website in a short time. So, for people requiring websites that can be launched in record time, a website builder is the ideal choice. 

Custom design is not for everyone. It is best suited for those with a large budget meant only for site creation. Moreover, you should not invest in a low-cost designer as that may harm your site, and you may not achieve the goals you set. Your aim should be to get a designer who will spend a lot of time understanding the business and then building a site. Such tailor-made websites end up being pricey. 

If you are not certain about which option to adopt, you can try using a website builder initially to see if the site is coming out the way you want it to. Besides, using a site builder gives you the experience you need to get a better insight into what your website should look like, its design, theme, functionality, etc. It is a decision that you must take after carefully examining your business needs. You can try out a website builder like Shopify, which offers you a 14-day free trial to test the waters. 

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