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5 Crucial eCommerce Optimization Guide Tactics


Is you store performing well? Unless you can turn every visitor into a customer, there is always room for improvement with your eCommerce website. If you know what to change, then you should get started with sales optimization. In case you don’t know here are some crucial eCommerce solutions to help you out.

#1: Optimize Price

When it comes to eCommerce, pricing is one of the major qualifying factors for your customers to buy from you. So, you should optimize your pricing. Make sure that you compare your pricing with your competitors and provide a better deal for your customers. While you are at it, you can also create a comparison table for your products. This will help your customers to know about its features, and compare the prices. It will also help them to make a wise decision.

Having a clear Call To Action on your product page along with the price helps a lot. If you want someone to buy from your site, you need to tell them to buy – it’s that simple. Use power words and drag them into action.

#2: Personalize

While this might mean something else, personalize only works for returning customers. When you have the shopping preference of the person, you can retarget and show products which are liked by your customers. You can also find out your target audience and personalize the data. With the help of Google Analytics and other tools to measure metrics, you would be able to find out what your audience likes.

Your visitors generally hate seeing irrelevant content. For example, if they are shopping for socks, they won’t want to see belts in the same page, or when they search for socks. So, always share relevant products for your target audience, and make sure that they see it.

Another clever way to personalize your content is to show discounts by categories. With the help of personalized discounts, you will be able to reduce your bounce rates, and convert more people easily.

#3: Mobile Optimization

Nowadays, mobile phones are quite popular and people use it for all purposes. So, if you are looking forward to sales optimization, you should make sure that your website is optimized for mobile. In fact, mobiles are also used for researching products and prices. So, if you have a website which is slow on your phone, then you will automatically lose out on your customers.

#4: Up-sell

Up-sell is a cool way to make your customers buy more from you. When you are up-selling, you can encourage your customers to buy an add on or a higher priced item right from the product page of your website. Other places where you can up-sell are during or after checkout.


#5: Create Urgency

People buy when there is urgency. It can be that a product stock is expiring, or you can provide a flash sale which last only hours. Either way, if you can create an emergency, more people will be interested in trying out the products. When you are trying to create an urgency, make sure you have a proper product page and use sales-catchy words. Words like “Get Now”, “Ends Soon” “Grab your discount today” creates the required urgency in your visitors, which prompts them to action. You can also use different tactics like showing competition for a product, displaying the stock of the product or offering a sale, which your customers won’t be able to refuse.

Now that you have an idea of eCommerce solutions to increase your sales, it is time to get started. At the end of the day, if you can convert at least 70% of your visitors into customers, you will be better than your competitors.

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