Thursday, August 18, 2022

A Couple of CRM Trends for 2019 and beyond


Machines already in the 19th century successfully proved their advantages when comparing to manual labor. Every talented business owner knows what is automation and why it is so important to make business automated as much as possible. But, according to GetResponse, only 25−30 percent of companies are actively working widely using the automation of business processes.

This means that about 70-75 percent of companies lose a lot because the benefits are obvious – setting up the automated sequence of actions once, sometimes passes several years before the need to change something rises, meanwhile, this automation would bring regular benefits like more advertising, more customers, and finally more sales.


According to IBM forecasts, by 2020 over 2.7 million vacancies for the analyst position will be created. That’s because analytics, automation, infrastructure support of teams, each of these operations become more significant for business. Modern analytics systems allow to bring all the data into one program and learn almost all about customers. Consequently, gradually, analytics becomes mandatory for any business.

CRM System

Interaction with clients for companies is essential, however, in practice companies quite often choose the wrong CRM or use its functions only partially. But a competent, thoughtful implementation of a CRM system is an unconditional step forward into the business future. Taking into account all the above-mentioned, CRM with Gmail integration in many becomes the most suitable solution for numerous companies processing an extensive amount of data in their mailing services. For those who still doubt if CRM systems are capable to change the state of things for good here is a little example. After the implementation of a CRM system in the network of Costa Coffee coffeehouse company located in the United Kingdom, their income started to grow gradually. Costa Coffee took silver at the Best use of eCRM for a reason. After the introduction of CRM in the coffee business, the British coffeehouse received a 2900 percent investment return, and the number of visitors increased by 47 percent. The total of Costa Coffee’s revenue increased by 21 million pounds.

Nowadays under the Google request, ‘most important CRM trend of 2019’ you will definitely find such words as customer segmentation, personalized offers for each segmented group of people, gamification. This what NetHunt CRM system offers to its customers. NetHunt is modern Gmail-based CRM system capable to eliminate the routine and transform any business into a technological miracle. Among benefits it brings are customer personalization, creative software dedicated to strengthening personal communication inside the company, and high-level data organization allowing to track sales through all the stages of client-company interconnection. CRM system has to be oriented to simplify the life for both managers and clients they are dealing regularly. The mutual satisfaction is what creates space for business development. here is how business in 2019 looks like.

Combining all the trends of 2019, company owners can make a simple and logical conclusion: striving for simplicity means victory, open communication, and qualitative service are what makes the business successful. The 90s-alike business schemes exhausted themselves as working business mechanisms. Built on lies and dumping these schemes finally disappear on the world market being replaced by companies flexible to changes and practicing a client-oriented approach.

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