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College Application Essays – Dos and Don’ts

dos and donts

A successful college application consists of several components. The application essay is one of the most important ones where young and inexperienced people have to deal with a lot of stress. If you are afraid to make mistakes and fail to get enrolled at the college/university of your dream, you start thinking that i need someone to write a paper for me. A professional writer from such a company as can help you deal with any academic writing. Do not believe that such essays are very complicated science. With professional help, you will make a positive impression on your admission commission. 

In this article, we are going to follow several steps that college students should take to have the most compelling essays. It is your chance to get accepted to the top colleges/universities. Admission decisions are based on soft and hard factors, which are grades, test scores, and curriculum. At the same time, an admission essay belongs to soft factors, which an admission counseling team takes into consideration. Your goal is to speak about recommendations, relevant activities, and bright qualitative elements you as an application have. If you do not feel confident and afraid that your application paper won’t be up to par, you can call on PapersOwl, a professional essay writing company that can handle any urgent assignment within the shortest time span possible. You will be treated with excellent assistance and care.

What Are The Dos And Don’ts Students Should Keep In Mind?

  • Don’t Use The Application Essay To Copy The Cv.

You must use the essay as your chance to reveal something unique and exciting about your personality and future student. It is an excellent idea to speak about activities/interests you like to participate in. Devote your essay to another dimension of your personality. Dig deep enough to find relevant topics.If you find yourself unable to do it, rely on PapersOwl we mentioned earlier in our article. Is PapersOwl legit? Of course, it is. Lots of students have already made sure that this company is well worth their trust.   

  • Do Demonstrate Your Real Life.

When a student develops a topic to reveal something new, he/she has to frame the main idea to demonstrate a piece of your life. You can give enough details, which can influence the senses, for example, taste, smell, etc. While writing about an experience/event, there is no need to write a long timeline. 

  • Don’t Copy And Paste Text.

Students can use templates or check essay examples on the internet to have a general idea of what to write. However, we do not recommend students to use the same essays for several schools. You should tailor your application essay to the individual colleges. Read the prompts carefully and write initial responses. You can be sure this job will be paid off in the end.

  • Do Demonstrate Your Knowledge Of The Chosen College/university

When students compose the responses to prompts, they should use specific details about the chosen educational institution. You should learn about your future college, do research on the website and other students’ reviews. It is your homework. You will also show interest in the college and hope to be enrolled. Make sure you have enough information about specific courses, professors, exciting activities, etc. Make sure that you can fit into the college culture and positively impact the community.

  • Don’t Say What You Think The Admissions Office Wants To Hear.

So many students think that they “know” what colleges want from an applicant, and this can have a significant influence over their essays. Students will abuse the thesaurus and write about unrelated topics in an effort to impress and stand out. Instead of writing what you think the admissions office wants to read, write about what you want them to know. Again, the essay is a great space to reveal something new about you, so stand out by being yourself and showing another side of you as a person or student.

  • DO Use The Universal Language

Some students want to sound smart and sophisticated, so they use a language with too much complex sentence structure. We rarely speak like this. By doing this, you risk getting lost in the desire to impress your future readers. We encourage you to write your essay using the language you speak in real life. Instead of using complex language, you should focus on proper spelling and grammar.

  • DON’T Rely Entirely on Spellcheck Tools.

Everyone can get access to online spell check tools. We all use them, but they can’t find all the spelling/grammatical mistakes. After completing an automatic check, you should spare enough time to read your text carefully. Try to avoid common typos. Don’t hesitate to ask your parents or friends to check it for you to catch the mistakes you have missed. 


Academic writing is an essential component of the application process. Young people should understand that the essay is not the guarantee to get the place in the top college, but a poorly written text can be the reason for rejection. Follow our detailed guidance, and you are one step closer to your big dream.

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