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Cocospy Keylogger for Android Review

Cocospy Keylogger

Did you know that spying is acceptable in some instances? Forget about the “infringing on someone’s privacy” part. There are specific situations that call for professional hacking without arousing the suspicion of your target. Since it is one of your local arrangements, you will need a tool that allows you to view all their activities even after deleting all the links.

One such app is known as an Android Keylogger and go on to read the cocospy review.

What an Android keylogger means

Keylogger for Android is a special tool that gives you real-time access all the buttons being used by a target. For this reason, you can hack all the passwords of your target’s phone including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and many others. Think of it as your gateway to anyone’s password without issuing it to you.


Why do you need to hack passwords?

You can use the Cocospy keylogger tool to;

  • Spy on your child- you can read their minds to foretell their next cause of action
  • To erase any suspicions you may have on your spouse. Now, you can catch a cheating spouse without breaking their phones.
  • To spy on your employees or colleagues- this allows you catch the lazy employees.
  • Browser history- with this app, you can track everything the person is doing on their browser and block; where necessary.
  • Call log history- now you can monitor all outgoing and incoming calls in real-time. Also, it will illustrate the duration it took.
  • Media- it can track pictures and images in real-time.
  • Geo-restrictions- you will be notified anytime your kids enter a restricted area. This will help in monitoring their movements so that they don’t end up trespassing other people’s territories.

Why Cocospy is the most mentioned keylogger

When an application is endorsed by giant review companies such as Forbes, New York Times, CNET, Washington Post, among others, it means it effective and reliable. As such, people find it convenient for spy-related purposes since it is considered a reputable app. Moreover, it has plenty of features that don’t limit you to jail-break the target device.


At first, the app was designed for parents who wanted to track their children keenly. With it, they could find out what their kids planned on doing once they were given the smartphones. As time went by, more people started using it to track their spouses, colleagues and junior staff members.

Features that standout include;

  • Keylogging

As earlier mentioned, a keylogger allows you to access all the buttons your target is pressing on his Android device. From there, you can hack their passwords and view all the activities on their phone.

  • Social media tracking

Did you know that a keylogger can allow you unlimited access to all accounts on social media platforms? With it, you can find out what they are up to using their Facebook, Instagram, twitter, and SnapChat accounts. It is possible to read the messages they are exchanging with other people. Also, you can access the profiles of these people.

  • GPS Tracking

With it, you will get real-time updates on the whereabouts of the target using the control panel.

  • Demo

With a free demo, you can find out about the app before buying it.  It lets you decide the app plan you want to use.

  • Concealable android keylogger

Trust Cocospy to hide your little secret by concealing it once it has been installed into the phone. The person won’t catch you in the act, let alone get suspicious.

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How to install the software remotely

Many keyloggers offer the option of installing the software remotely, and Cocospy had to be among the number. As long as you have personal computer or a smart device, you can start by signing up after downloading the software. After that, you will receive an email notification to confirm whether the info you have given is legit.

Now, you can download the app on the target’s phone. The device is ready for spying.


Spying and tracking has never been made easier thanks to this software. In fact, it tops of the list of keyloggers with the most reasonable prices. It is no wonder the free three-trial days program has been included.

With it, you can test and use the app for three days without parting with anything. Rely on it to provide the target’s content without forcefully opening their phones.

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