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COC Tips to Collect Free Unlimited Gold and Gems


Clash of clans is a video game for android users or mobile phone players. The game is turn-based and strategy game. You need to build your town, train the troops, and need to defend your town from deadly enemy attacks. The better strategy you build, the more chances are you can win the battle. Thousands of online players worldwide are available to play with you anytime.

Players use currency like Gold and elixir as a resource from which they train the troops, build their town, and fight with them. The attacks are rated in three starts. You need to hit the enemy village and collect their resources. This themed world game attracts the players by providing different locations and levels to grab user attraction.

Clash of Clans Private Server

There are many free ways to get unlimited gems, gold, and elixir. One of the easy ways is the COC mod apk. It gives the opportunity to build your village and train troops and go to battle. It’s a simple work, just download clash of lights apk and install it in your device. Open it and here you go with the unlimited gold and gems to spend and get the best out of it.

This mod apk is also the private server which works perfectly fine when playing the ultimate strategy game, the clash of clans.

The more resources mean more power and more power mean more chances to conquer and defend that would lead you to win the level. Therefore, your resources are gold, elixir, dark elixir. Two types of troops, two kinds of barracks to train them, and two spell factories; normal spell factory that uses normal elixir and dark spell factory that uses a dark elixir.

Gold and elixir are two main resources whether you need to defend your village, train your troops, or have some mortars, bombs, traps, archer towers and eagle artilleries. You must know cash of clans tips to collect gold and gems.

If you are looking for increasing your power by finding some tips to gain more gold or gems, then we are going to guide you about how you can get them. Developers need you to buy the gems from the cash store but you can earn them with little effort that we are going to discuss in this article.

  • Find obstacles like plants and rocks on your way. Removing these hurdles will cost you gold and elixir (gold for removing rocks and elixir for removing plants). When you remove an obstacle, you are awarded anywhere from 0-6 Gems.
  • Plants will regrow but rocks do not. So, leave space to regrow plants to get more gems by removing them.
  • You will earn achievements for removing obstacles as if removing five will earn you 5 gems and if you remove 50 then you will get 10 gems. If you remove 500 obstacles, you will earn 20 Gems.

Check out Achievement List

Clash of clans rewards you as you accomplish goals like upgrading buildings, winning battles, and collecting gold. Consequently, you earn awards like gold or gems. The more difficult you do the more achievement awards you earn.

Here are some important things to keep in mind:

  • Do not spend gems to speed up the game.
  • Do not buy resources with gems.
  • Do not waste your initial coins under any circumstances when you start your game, it says to spend 250 coins to watch the tutorial.
  • Buy Builder huts as they get you gems very quickly.
  • Collect your achievement awards as they appear.

For more clash of clans tips to collect gold and gems, keep visiting our site.

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