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The CMO’s Guide To Generating Booth Event Leads

CMO event guide

Tradeshow events can be a pain for the exhibitor if you don’t plan things well. For any trade show, there are three phases, pre-show, at the show, and post-show. Gathering tradeshow event leads, thus, requires great effort. You need to plan beforehand and then execute it properly to get results. So, if you are looking to generate sales leads from your event booth, here are some pointers to help you out.

Plan Carefully

You cannot attend every trade show around the corner. So, make sure that you plan carefully, and choose only the ones that add value to your business. Moreover, planning for tradeshows take a lot of effort and money, so you need to be sure that the trade show is actually going to boost your business before you spend a dime on it.

CMO event guide

Look for Effectiveness

You might have heard of the saying ‘bigger is not better’, and it is true. Even if you attend the biggest tradeshow in the globe, you might not get a single sale from it. This is because, in a bigger trade show, you would have more competitors. This means you’d need to think of something innovative to draw in crowds. Just don’t get distracted by the reputation of the tradeshow, and plan your business properly.


In any tradeshow, there will be a lot of freebies. And this attracts people who go looking for freebies but have no intention of ever buying anything. Learn to identify these people easily and do not waste time selling to them. Well, you need not to be rude to them, but again, selling is ineffective, so avoid doing that too.

Another way you can identify these people is by chatting them up and having some sort of qualifiers. Maybe you can make them fill in a questionnaire or offer them a trial of their products before you give away a mug or t-shirt.

Right Location

Well, this point cannot be stressed on enough. Choose your spot in the trade show after careful consideration. You can choose around the corner for better visibility. You can also choose a place near food and beverages booth, as they tend to draw in more traffic. You can also be near to your competitors, to see what they are offering and drag in the traffic from there. However, this will be a tough job because of two reasons. Primarily, your competitor will not let the audience go. Secondly, they would be bored and less inclined to hear the same thing or learn about the same product or service twice in a row.

If you have a specific preference for a location in a trade show, make sure you book as early as possible. This will help you to secure the booth, and be effective in the show. Moreover, premium spaces are not kept open for long periods, so you might miss your chance easily.

Rent Stools

Your staff would be on their feet for hours at a stretch. While it is their job, they are human beings and get tired. So, rent some stools for them to sit on and take a quick break in between attendees. Having chairs might make them more relaxed, and less inclined to get up. Moreover, it sends a bad message, when people see your staff sitting on the chairs and the chairs are not placed for them.


Another thing that you can do is visit other trade show booths in the same show. This will help you to network and also make people interested in your booth.

Strolling around the exhibits and the same floor can also give you an idea of how the entire trade show is functioning, and you can also check out your competitors.

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