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Top 7 Greatest Ever Chess Tricks and Traps To Try


Described are the best chess tricks and traps to apply while playing and win 😉 We are all living in times when dreams really come true. The 21st century has brought colossal changes and innovative advances to our work. The time has gone when we had a TV set with all those blurry looking white and black channels, silent and unanimated. Nevertheless, something unexpectedly makes the black and white color combination, not a bad deal to comply with, and that is the game of chess.

Today, you are going to catch up with the best top 7 greatest ever Chess tricks and traps against all those curious catch-22 moments that lead to the downfall of Kings and Queens. Remember, these tricks are nifty and hold a back your other chess pieces from toppling down one after another from the reigning opponent. It’s really good to brain-freeze these legalized “King’s game” ploys to deceive the opponent towards the befalling obliteration of his, leaving ruins of mere objects that were once known as Pawns, Bishops, Rooks, Knights, Kings, and Queen.

So let’s get started with some learning gimmicks in one of the most popular board games that even reigns today. Just take it as something really worth the swishing of the magic wand, when you’re up to something really plotting with your fingers and thumbs. Dicing and dropping pieces with the ‘check mate’s call like in the Harry Potter film, when Ron played the biggest human-size game of chess. Not bad to check this exclusive Newt Scamander coat, if you’re a hardcore HP Universe with a soft-side in your heart for its spin-off prequel Fantastic Beasts.

Get Familiarized With The Moves – Best Ever Chess Trick

Best Ever Chess Trick

At first, you should know what each chest piece means and how you should deal with it. For example: when you’re going on with moving the Rook piece (castle), it can only move in a straight line, but can move ahead, backward and even on the sides. Whereas the knight’s move is L-shaped and the Bishop can maneuver at an angle, but really has the option to move more than one square at a time. Additionally, the pawn moves at angles, the king is moveable at an imperial positioned place as it justifies its true rank. Always remember to keep up with the basic moves to overturn your rival once and for all.

The Central Commander ‘Middlegame’ Attack Mode

The Central Commander ‘Middlegame’ Attack Mode

This is one of the best schemes you can steer on with your bishops and knights, letting them get in the castle (seizing the pieces from sides) position. Since you’ve initiated with these opening moves, the middle game begins that really grinds your opponent sense of thinking to trick you up into something more snappier. Now, all you have to do is take any chess piece of yours and try to steer away from your challenger’s men into your possession. This trick is one of the best ways to give your adversary the mind-boggling setback right from the very beginning.

Know Your Chess Pieces Worth

This white-and-black squared board game tactic is the ultimate precautionary measure any player could take. They should know about their moves, as well as the amount of score they could win or lose under its belt. So here are some pieces points you should know and keep valuable pieces well protected:

  • Bishop: 3
  • Knight: 3
  • Pawn: 1
  • Queen: 9
  • Rook: 5


Sounds’ simple, yet the most intriguing game turn anyone could get. With Skewer, you get to attack two pieces of your opponent with a single piece. Though, those two miniature figurines’ should be lined up on an aligned rank, file or in the diagonal position. A great example is of the king’s piece, if it’s located on the check side of the board should be moved to save it through sacrificing the rook.

Double Check

One of the most popular moves that astound the opposite player. Through the double check move, the knight piece seizes the king. The surprising “golden rule” of this move is that it makes another piece viable to capture the king as well (discovered check).  This type of check is very significant because there’s no way to revive back the checked pieces or block them from their paths. The biggest advantage for this move is that it only gives the opponent a breathing chance if he takes back the king away.

The Escape Square Chess Trick

The Escape Square Chess Trick

This tactic comes into play when there’s danger on the back rank for getting checked mate. Always take note of your king kept guarded with your other pieces in order to avoid your rival’s knight or other piece touchdowns. The black or white can use the h2-h3 scenario to create an escape square for their major ruling piece. Likewise, jackets know how to tackle all the big outfit brands with providing you the most astounding coats and jackets. First-class craftsmanship endorsed with finest leather sort outs utilized in their makings.

The Pin Chess Trick

This trick is more like the updated version of Skewer while getting a hit on a less valuable chess piece. As the name suggests, this scheme hinders the weaker piece from the game league for the time being. It’s a good thing though, keeping more prized pieces at defensive positions. The king will be secured by the knight, the bishops from the pawns, and so on and so forth. This is one of those edgy games tricks that really keep the game alive and nail biting.

However, sometimes players confuse skewers with pinned pieces, leaving them clueless of their moves. The biggest drawback of such a messy mind is getting away to ‘checkmate’ one of the opponent’s king piece.

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