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What Is CBD Oil For Dogs?

CBD Oil For Dogs
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You may probably have heard about CBD oil that is rising in popularity today. If you are a pet owner, your friends may have mentioned something about a miracle cure that can decrease anxiety and pain in dogs. 

As some states in the USA have begun to realize that medical marijuana and recreational cannabis have beneficial effects on animals, the market is also getting an influx of products involving CBD oil. Many states are now letting you purchase cannabidiol, and they are legally available in many stores today.

If you visit a pet store, you may notice some bottles of CBD oil on the shelves, and they are promising to treat your pet’s anxiety, seizures, pain, and more. 

About CBD and THC

CBD is one of the hundreds of active compounds found in the plant Cannabis sativa. This is unlike THC or tetrahydrocannabinol that has a psychoactive compound. Since the cannabidiol has only about 0.3% of THC, it is not enough to make your pet get “high.” Instead, it is a beneficial compound used to treat many medical conditions in canines without the adverse side effects of getting stoned.

There are still many studies needed to back-up some of the anecdotal evidence mentioned by many pet parents. But one thing is for sure, the CBD oil for dogs has a lot of beneficial effects that can help your canine in many ways. Some say that they see an improvement in the way their canines are eating their food. There seems to be more energy and appetite than before.

What’s more important is that cannabidiol is a non-psychoactive compound. This means that it can have many benefits that are being enjoyed by weed users but without the concern of getting stoned. The therapeutic benefits are ideal for the canines, but it would not be very pleasant for them to experience THC’s side effects.

The psychotic ingredient of marijuana that makes people high is not present at all in cannabidiol. Many canines are becoming less reactive to pain stimulus as a result. When they have arthritis, there’s still no evidence of the overall effect of cannabidiol on their bodies. Still, the pets are certainly less reactive to the pain, and the swelling is also mitigated.

Experience of a Vet with his Own Dog

The vet shared that he has a senior canine who seems to become jumpy during lights out and in the evening’s early hours. Many of them can’t see well in the dark because they have developed eye diseases. He said that his pet has become spooked when it’s late at night, and he hears it pacing back and forth. When he gives him cannabidiol extracts, his pet has just directly gone to sleep soundly.

Animal doctors have questions, of course, on how the entire thing is working. As of this time, they may seem still unsure of how the product works. 

Some wanted to know more if the oil is just helping with the anxiety attacks, or the product is just making the dog drowsy? One thing researchers know is that the cannabidiol oil helps with the symptoms, and the older canine seems to benefit from it. You can learn more about CBD oil on this site here.

Risks Associated with Cannabidiol

As a pet owner, it is normal to ask whether there are risks that you should know about. At the moment, the researchers are still trying to find out the overall scope of the risks that may be involved in administering cannabidiol oil to animals.

The Food and Drug Administration in the US has not yet stated that it approves CBD for human and animal use. Therefore, there are no known official recommendations of dosage that pet owners should follow. There’s a significant risk, especially if you purchase the oil from untrusted sources. You may want to read reviews and forums about a specific product before buying it in the first place to ensure its safety.

Using Pet-Specific CBD

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If you are buying a product, you should choose a pet-specific one so that the cannabidiol and other compounds’ concentration will be safer. Make sure that there are no harmful products mixed into the bottle because this is an unregulated industry where extreme caution should be exercised.

The products with droppers and tinctures that are safe, but it’s still better to get a second opinion. Aside from the oil, there are also treats, soap, cream, and other specially manufactured products for pets. Some are veterinary-specific oil made into a gummy form, and they come from the most reputable manufacturers out there.

The products for canines work like any other cannabidiol. You can learn more about cannabidiol here: webmd. They can be placed topically or ingested, and it still depends on the medical condition that you are trying to resolve for your pet. Additionally, the dogs have the same endocannabinoid system as humans, so there should be no extreme side effects that they should experience while taking CBD.

Check the labels and pay extra addition to the ingredients. If there are suspicious mixes that you are not familiar with, search them on the internet and see if they are safe for dogs. The manufacturer should adhere to the Food and Drug Administration rules and regulations, and third-party laboratories should have tested the products. 

It’s also best if you buy from a shop with excellent customer service. They should provide you with the information that you need, and if something bad happens, they can offer options and assistance to you and your canine. By following the guidelines above, you’ll make your dogs healthier, and they will be able to get the relief from arthritis or back pain that they are seeking.

Some owners reported that their pet dogs were livelier and more energetic when they were given CBD oil. Of course, not all have the same results, so it’s still best to be vigilant with new products and make sure that your pet is consuming something safe, healthy, and effective.

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